Julius Papp - Music Is The Key (NeoDisco Music)

Legendary San Francisco DJ Julius Papp doesn’t need much introduction in most house music circles. His masterful DJ sets, including his early appearances alongside Mark Farina at the fabled Mushroom Jazz parties, are always stirring. Julius’ discography, spanning across classic labels like Nervous Records, Kenny Dope’s Dope Wax, King Street, and OM Records, remains highly sought after. The formation of Julius Papp’s own NeoDisco label afforded the freedom of music on his own terms and has yielded a prolific string of singles and Open Mind, his artist album from summer 2010. Julius’ new album, Music Is The Key, is finally ready to be unveiled and, like his previous album, showcases an eclectic collection of music moods. Highlights include “MIracle,” featuring renowned vocalist Lisa Shaw nestled into a soulful house gem with acoustic guitar warming the song into a feel-good ride; the percussive, dance-floor attitude of “Never Let You Go” providing that peak-time energy boost; “Boogie Buffet” which provides a groovy strut among deep textures for fans of a nu-disco sound; the east coast-meets-west coast excursion of “Believe,” which features DC vocalist Deborah Bond and Deep Culture’s Myles Bigelow and Luis Machuca on live percussion and instrumentation; and “Celestial Journey,” a romantic, guitar-led foray that dives head first into the deep house continuum. Enjoy the ride!

Marques Wyatt - “I am feeling this.”
Chuck Love - “Love this! ‘Miracle’ is the cut … Julius and Lisa Shaw are two great tastes that go great together.”
Rasmus Faber - “Great selection here!”
Boddhi Satva - “‘Believe’ is right up my way. I’m going to definitely support this gem.”
Nick Holder - “I’m digging this!”
Robert Owens - “What a great group of tracks.”
Dave Mayer (Strictly Rhythm) - “Julius is a legend.”
Hippie Torrales - “Great album. The production is excellent and on point.”
Vincent Kwok - “Another hit release from the Papp!”
Master Kev - “A very nice collaboration with Lisa Shaw on ‘Miracle’! I will definitely support.”
Craig Stewart (DCSTrax) - “Outstanding from the maestro JP. Great work for the dance floor as always and all jams are dope.”
Richie Hartness (untitledmusic) - “Fads come and go … class like this lasts an eternity.”
Rudy Kizer (Hit The Decks Radio Show) - “I’m gobsmacked at how good this is.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - “A truly wonderful album showcasing Julius Papp’s versatility and ingenuity.”
Jovan Gligorov (Relaxators, Bulgaria) - “Wow, such class. Music is the key, Julius is the answer.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.