JRR Foolkiller - Try EP (Release Musiq)

Release Musiq, the prolific and ambitious house music label based in the creative hub of Asheville, NC, aims for the eclectic with the debut release from the fabulously named JRR Foolkiller and his Try EP. JRR Foolkiller is actually John Brinker, an Asheville based producer who has been producing electronic music since 1999, with a highlight being an EP release under the alias Lifestyle Interiors on Swayzak’s 240 Volts imprint in 2003. Brinker’s musical explorations are surprising and varied; in addition to DJ’ing and producing tracks his past exploits include playing in an electroacoustic improvising ensemble, a Guinean ‘ballet,’ and in a Queen cover band. With the Try EP, JRR Foolkiller presents four tracks in varieties of retro styled EDM infused with contemporary production techniques that fill the gambit from chill-out to deep house. This quartet of tracks includes the smooth, rolling, deep tech-house of “Zanzibar Fred,” the pulsing, electronica-flavored downtempo track “Try,” the intriguing “Disaster Challenger” with its 90’s breakbeat vibe that recalls classic Orbital, and the hyped-up club stirring four-on-the-floor of “Ground.” Those looking for an EP, and a producer, that boldly skips from style to style can look no further … JRR Foolkiller is here to save the day.

Nick Warren - “Brilliant EP. Every track is ace.”
Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - “This is supa-killa. Will play for sure.”
Ant Plate (Rhythm Plate / YSE) - “Courageous mixed bag of tracks … nice to hear.”
Leo Portela - “Good release with an intelligent sound.”
Justin Harris (Freaks) - “Nice EP!”
Robert Owens - “Great grooves and tracks.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “‘Zanzibar Fred’ is awesome, low-slung house of the finest order, while ‘Try’ twists itself into a funk-laced beauty when the bass kicks in … superb! Full support.”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “Nice stuff!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “‘Zanzibar Fred’ … So many little elements that make up this hypnotic groove.”
Red Rack’em - “Some good stuff on here. ‘Ground’ is really melodic.”
Moodymanc - “Nice tracks!”
Jamie Topham (CDPool) - “‘Ground’ is the track I’m feeling most here with its classy retro licks and soulful-tech production while ‘Zanzibar Fred’ surely wins best track title of the year!”
Alexander East - “Nice!”
Kosmas Epsilon (Epsilon Trax) - “it’s all about ‘Zanzibar Fred’ here … a beautiful deep track. I’m gonna play this straight out tonight!”

Available now from Juno Download.