stereogamous feat. Shaun J. Wright - Face Love Anew (HNYTRX & Cocktail D' Amore)

Honey Soundsystem’s HNYTRX (San Francisco) and CockTail d’Amore (Berlin) have joined together in pleasant harmony to present a limited 12” vinyl release: “Face Love Anew,” produced by stereogamous featuring Shawn J. Wright on vocals.

stereogamous, the DJ/production duo from Sydney, Australia, have gathered recent world attention for their string of hit remixes for the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Light Asylum, and George Michael. On their debut single, “Face Love Anew,” stereogamous recruited the vocal talents of Shaun J. Wright known for his contributions to Hercules & Love Affair and the “Forevermore” single on MR.INTL Records. Together they’ve given birth to a melancholic dance anthem that displays the weight of Wright’s deep, penetrating vocals. stereogamous’ production effortlessly slithers around Shaun’s vocals before delivering an epic breakdown, seamlessly gliding the listener into a massive, radiating head-rush. The song’s climactic peak activates all the pleasurable regions - beware of its effects on the dance floor and in the bedroom.

The vinyl 12“ release of ”Face Love Anew” includes two remix contributions. First up is Honey Soundsystem’s Jason Kendig, who volleys across the court a classic Chi-house rendition, showcasing piano house influences with warm analog sounds and lush synth strings. Jason’s complete rearrangement of the vocal track stands on its own as the long lost brother of stereogamous’ original version. Discodromo of CockTail d’Amore returns the shot with a remix that starts with an intro reminiscent of early Dance Mania before the track’s frequency-demanding bass line enters the domain. The remix reveals itself as a sultry 4 AM basement jam perfect for the late-night, where a sophisticated groove enhances psychedelic tangents and the bass rejuvenates the senses.

And finally, an eclectic, disco-natured potpourri of additional, exclusive remixes will be available in the digital release courtesy of Kim Ann Foxman (Needwant, Hour House is Your Rush), The Miracles Club (Ecstacy), Horse Meat Disco, and The Carry Nation.

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada / Lovebox) - “I love the vocal. Big, big tune.”
Soul Clap - “Original for me. Shaun J has such a beautiful voice!”
Sleazy McQueen - “It’s really hard to pick a favorite but, in the end, it’s the Kendig mix that wins my vote!”
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “I love Honey Soundsystem. Best party, best dancers, best heads, best vibes! This is a fantastic record.”
Doc Martin - “This was a nice surprise …”
Chris Todd (Crazy P / Hot Toddy) - “The original’s nice, with the dub providing a more playable cut for me, but the Horse Meat Disco mix really makes the most of the vocal.”
Nick Chacona - “Luvdup house for sure!”
Chris Coco - “The Horse Meat Disco mix is rather cool in an old school meets new school way.”
Erik Rug - “Difficult to choose a fave … actually all mixes are good and the original version is ace, too. Great package.”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “Great track and a superb remixes collection. I love the dub-wise from Discodromo, but also the Miracles Club … am thinking I need to play all.”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “Pretty much all the mixes here are top notch, and the vocal is exceptional. But, in the end, the Dub is the one that fits my sets and it’s a keeper.”
Marques Wyatt - “Tight!”
OOFT! - “It’s a toss-up between the Kim Ann Foxman mix and the Horse Meat Disco version. Both are nice.”
Dirt Crew - **Great release! Hard to pick a favorite track.”

Also supported by Luke Solomon, Social Disco Club, diskJokke, Inland Knights, Abicah Soul, Rob Mello, Alexander East, riccicomoto, Alex From Tokyo, Bill Brewster, Robert Owens, and Hippie Torrales.

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.