Kohib - La Grave (Beatservice Records)

Kohib, AKA Øivind Sjøvoll from Sortland in the north of Norway, has been an important part of the club scene in the town of Tromsø since 1997, first as a DJ, and later as a club organizer. He released his debut album, Make Fire, in 2010, with the digital only remix-compilation Make Fire – The Remixes released late 2011. He has also done remixes for artists like Volta Cab (Lost Paradise Recordings), Mari Boine (Universal Music) and Flunk (Beatservice Records).

In 2012, Kohib launched an EP series focusing on club-oriented tracks. The first, the Solar Day EP, was released in 2012, and the universally acclaimed follow-up, the Tirakan EP, a collaboration with renowned ‘Sami’ singer Mari Boine, was released in 2013. Now, the ‘dance trilogy’ is finally completed with the La Grave EP, due for release at the end of April 2014.

The La Grave EP opens with the title track, featuring cool syncopated house rhythms mixed with layers of moody, arctic ambience. “The Little Giant” follows, deeper and darker, with a steady four-on-the-floor beat, techno handclaps, pensive soundscapes, and shades of disco-dancing bushmen. The final track, “Percalaise,” nods heavily to fellow Norwegian Bjørn Torske’s epic classic “Jeg vil være søppelmann” with its percussion overdrive. But while the Torske’s track morphs into dirty disco, “Percalaise” moves more into bubbly techno / house grooves. These three tracks offer a distinctive take on electronic dance floor sounds, seamlessly merging disco, house, and techno elements into Kohib’s unique style. DJs looking for a club-pleasing twist to their sets, take note.

Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “Beautiful!”
Sleazy McQueen - “I dig those percussion vibes!”
DJ Rocca (Ajello / Supersonic Lovers) - “‘Percalaisse’ is ACE!”
Mugwump (Kompakt / Throne of Blood) - “Nice EP! ‘La Grave’ is mega.”
Chris Fortier - “Nice.”
Q-Burns Abstract Message - “I’m quite into the cinematic feel and gentle melancholia of ‘La Grave.’”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “This is GREAT … all fab!”
ALTZ (Altzmusica / DFA) - “2014 rave rhythm machine … I like it.”
Irregular Disco Workers - “‘La Grave’ and ‘The Little Giant’ are really amazing tracks.”
Nick Holder - “I’m digging it!”
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings) - “Subtle and smoothly done.”
ed2000 (Tresor / Solar Lounge) - “Dream-atic tunes. I love the percussion elements and the overall vibe.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Wicked stuff here – three tracks which are all totally usable. ‘La Grave’ and ‘The Little Giant’ are both brilliant, deeper rolling grooves.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “‘Percalaise’ is a slamming percussion-driven track, great for large systems.”
DJ Tomas (Friday Night Session / Google Play) - “Funky sleek house with its own distinct character. A solid release.”
Brewster Brigham (Kiss FM, Australia) - “Kohib does it again! Crazy beats and beautiful bass lines the f@#k with the dance floor. Love love love it.”
Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle) - “All killer and no filler … stoked to play these tonight!”

Available now from Beatport and iTunes.