Keine Moniker - I'm A Freak (Whiskey Pickle)

Austin transplant Lonnie Burnside aka Keine Moniker swoops in with his debut release for resident dance crusaders, Whiskey Pickle Records. “I’m A Freak” injects a deep and brooding edge not typical of the local imprint, yet keeping with the label’s eclectic and varied tastes.

A chunky bass line and some spooky synth work carry the original cut like a dark horse, riding through the night in search of freaky happenings and freakier company … it’s a freaky, freaky scene, man. Schizophrenic Texan Jake Childs takes a break from the shadowy recesses to snuff out some studio time and offer a truly spine shattering remix. This version could be the soundtrack to Buffalo Bill’s infamous ‘tuck’ scene from Silence of the Lambs had it been shot in a night club versus a fleshy sweatshop.

The flipside showcases a bit of East Coast flavor coupled with some West Coast sounds via a collection of soulful individuals. St. Petersburg, Florida locals No Soul To Sell & Ratzenboeck twist the original into an 808-laden, melancholic masterpiece that features the devilish stylings of Ratzenboeck’s golden fiddle. Bay Area boogieman Blue Soul graces the hallowed grounds of Whiskey Pickle once again with his first appearance on the label since 2009. His time-warped Electrofreq Remix is a fitting addition that pays homage to the freaky progenitors of the electro sound.

Oh, you need a FREAK? Whiskey Pickle’s got ‘em right here!

Ursula 1000 - “H.O.T.”
Alexander Robotnick - “Good!”
Mould (Con+ainer / Tiefblau Records) - “The Jake Childs Remix is epic! And the No Soul To Sell & Ratzenboeck remix is also very trippy.”
Spettro (Crosstown Rebels / Team Records) - “The Jake Childs mix all the way for me. The Blue Soul remix is also very well done.”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “A very good sound!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Get in there! Every track is awesome and, despite being four versions of one track, it sounds like an EP of all different cuts. Wicked stuff .”
Irregular Disco Workers (Disco Volante) - “The original mix is a real dance floor stomper!”
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music / Drop Music) - “Freaky release!”
Stereo 77 (Plimsoll Records) - “The No Soul To Sell & Ratzenboeck remix is very cool. I like the cinematic feel of it.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Twisted and rough … I like it.”
Velanche (Velanche’s Playtime Radio Show) - “I like Blue Soul’s ‘Electrofreq’ Remix … funky and very ’80s.”
Sam Hopkins (AccuRadio, Chicago) - “The No Soul To Sell & Ratzenboeck remix is stellar - the string are beautiful and add a layer of complexity to the tune - and Blue Soul’s stripped down, dark electro mix is dope!”
SimonG (Deep South Audio, New Zealand) - “Tight sounds … Jake Childs turns in a perfect mix for the dance floor.”
[sic] (Balls Deep / Fnoob Radio) - “Great original track with good energy and enough drum delays to last a lifetime! The Jake Childs remix gives a slightly darker edge which works really well.”
DJ Lolly (Freek FM / Ruff Diamond) - “Loving the energy of the Blue Soul remix … makes me want to do some popping!”

Available now from Beatport and iTunes.