Futureworlder - Just Let It All Go (Whiskey Pickle)

Whiskey Pickle puts out a solid installment of psychoactive house with Brian Traister’s otherworldly Just Let It All Go EP. As Futureworlder, Traister gives a taste of the alternative planet of his imagination. The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer’s escape unfolds like the unforeseen house expression of a new age past.

The hazy sun rises over the horizon mirrored in the water as the opener “Forever” begins, awash with warm synths lapping at the shore while revelers weary from the night before are summoned by the steady rhythm of the kick drum to give it another go, tempted by the rising hi-hats and chunky bassline, dancing in the warm sand, only coming down midstream to cool off in the surf and then dance some more in the rising sun. “Energie” follows, quoting an old school, lush deep house flavor complete with warm, enveloping pads and echoing percussion. “I believe good can only bring good,” says the voice on the third offering “Altruism,” and repeats like the clear memory of a party-worn dancer whose flood of endorphins makes him philosophical, hopeful, and unreserved. The voice comes and goes, like a flashback after the night is over, powerful for a few moments, playing on a loop with psychedelic waves that swell and recede over a house beat. “Just Let It All Go” rounds things out, merging a chunkier rhythm section with hypnotic, shimmering synth arpeggiations and swirling strings.”

Nick Warren (The Soundgarden) – “A very, very good EP. 4 great tracks.”
Blueshift (Nurvous Records) – “Great vibe on these. “Energie” is really beautiful.”
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite) – “Love these. Dreamy and hypnotic to get lost in.”
Lebrosk (Mixmag) – “Yes yes! Can’t get enough of this one.”
Logan Fisher (Haules Baules) – “Very nice. Altruism is a real creeper.”
DJ Supafly (DJ Supafly) – “Love the funk-infused house beats, the dreamy keys and gritty basslines. Will do some damage in the late-night sets for sure.”
Ket Shah (Mucho Soul) – “Some powerful tracks on this release.”
Jon Manley (hOUSEwORX Radio show) – “Wow. Atmospheric House nailed right here, stunning!”
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) – “Deep, solid release rammed full of driving energy.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95) – “Shimmering sonics, cascading stabs and melodies synthesize this no place, no time, just space release… Deep dub space sound at its best. Housey trance for your mind, your body and your soul!”

Available Now From: Bandcamp.

Jeffrey Tice - Embarcadero Station (Whiskey Pickle)

Incoming fresh for 2017, Embarcadero Station is the latest from San Francisco based producer Jeffrey Tice. The former Austin local and resident selector at the Capital City’s hallowed incubator of rave culture, Proteus, touches down with two gorgeous cuts for the Whiskey Pickle label. Lead cut, “Embarcadero Station”, is a shimmering, bottom heavy work-out that touches on the halcyon days of yore when UK acts like Underworld and Faithless reigned supreme. Crunchy kicks and claps are accented by delicate Arp synths and cascading stabs and melodies … lovely tackle right here.

On the B-side the listener is greeted by the equally blissful “You & Me (We Are The Same)” which follows suit with perfectly balanced rhythms and angelic chords. The ’90s flair remains strong with classic stabs and chirpy vocal cuts while the bass line keeps everything nice and tidy for upwards of eight minutes.

Tapped for remixes, Jeffrey connects both of his homelands (Texas & California) by enlisting fellow Austin producer / DJ Coy West and SF based outfit The SyntheTigers. Mr. West steps up first to tackle “Embarcadero Station” and does a lovely job stripping back the groove to create a hypnotic and dub-flavored rework. The SyntheTigers take full advantage of the garage-styles present on “You & Me (We Are The Same)” and amp them up to eleven. Maxing out every vocal bit to create an R&B-fueled floor-shaker, The SyntheTigers turn in something incredibly special that even Todd Edwards would approve.

Chris Fortier (Fade) – “The Coy West Remix sounds good.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) – “Both versions of Embarcadero Station are doing the biz for me.”
Doza (LawnChair Generals) – “Embarcadero Station is a full and fun cut.”
Jaymz Nylon (Nylon Recordings) – “You & Me (We Are The Same) is a true gem.”
Andrew Emil (Four Play Music) – “I Dig the SyntheTigers Remix.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95) – “Whiskey Pickle steps into 2017 with a triumphant release.”
Ken Liu (Headset Hi Fi radio show) – “Really like the SyntheTigers Remix, but loving the original more. Will play on the broadcast.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Very Catchy!”
Distant People (Soul Elements Radio Show) – “You & Me (We Are The Same) is smooth, and the SyntheTigers Remix is wicked.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Killer…Embarcadero Station is such a positive track, will do damage!”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.

Mac-K-Cee - Temptation (Whiskey Pickle Records)

Whiskey Pickle Records welcome German producer Mac-K-Cee to the fold with his super-groovy debut for the label. “Temptation" and "Step Outside” are a pair of classics-inspired deep house cuts that feature bouncy grooves, lovely stabs, and euphoric vocal samples. The single features two remixes of "Temptation", with the first coming from label mainstay Walter Jones (DFA / Permanent Vacation) who drops the tempo considerably and adds his signature swing and acidic flourishes. Cancun’s The Funk District follows suit with an equally low slung dub version that channels the sun drenched vibes this fresh producer is becoming known for.

Mark Farina - "Good stuff!"
Graeme Park - "'Temptation' … boom!"
Gene Hunt - "Groovy sound."
Miguel Migs - "'Temptation' is a nice track."
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - "The Funk District remix is beautiful."
Vanilla Ace - "'Step Outside' is cool."
Fort Knox Five - "The chill vintage vibes of the The Funk District remix is where it's at."
Hard Ton (Gigolo / Permanent Vacation) - "I love the whole release."
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "Yes … I like this!"
DJ MFR (Transport Recordings) - "This is solid all around."
Bruce Tantum (XLR8R) - "Yowza! The original 'Temptation' is already hot stuff but both of those slow-cooked remixes are scorchers."
Jaymz Nylon - "Take me to the Paradise Garage!"
Osmose (Smokecloud Records / Whiskey Disco) - "The Funk District dub of 'Temptation' is nice."
Preston Ernest (Grupo Santanera / Footloose Presents) - "Dope release. I'm especially feeling the slower vibes on The Funk District dub."
Kyka (Housetrap Radio Show) - "Walter Jones's Sinful Remix is the one for me … nice and smooth acid-bass."
Tobin Ellsworth (Pink Mammoth / Disco Katz) - "Killer record all the way through! These will be in heavy rotation."
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - "A solid and strong deep club weapon full of classic architecture … imagine Andrew Weatherall doing the disco circa 1990."

Available now from Beatport, Juno Download, and iTunes.

Playless - You Got Me So (Whiskey Pickle)

Barcelona-based producer Playless makes his second appearance on Whiskey Pickle with two smoking tracks: "You Got Me So" and "Free". Those tapped for remixes include the debut of Whiskey Pickle’s in-house mastering engineer, Ryan Parker, donning his Laws Of Nature moniker, as well as Austin duo Glass Slipper.

Bittersweet melodies, pitched-out vocal samples and deep, M1 bass lines are all featured in the original mix of "You Got Me So". Its groovy, swung beats and dubby flourishes work nicely on a bed of garage-inspired production. Next up, Laws Of Nature take the controls for a modern, synth-drenched update that channels Disclosure at their funkiest. Glass Slipper fit just right with their stripped-back version that features re-sampled vocals -- courtesy of in-house vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss -- and layers of organ riffs. Wrapping things up on the B-side is "Free", a jangling house number with classic-sounding piano chords and a rough and ready bottom end.

Opolopo - "The Laws of Nature remix is the one for me!"
Vanilla Ace - "Both Playless originals here are for me."
Lupe Fuentes (Inhouse Records) - "Perfectly summery tracks."
Graeme Park - "Damn good!"
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "This is pretty cool."
Moodymanc (20/20 Vision) - "All nice, but the Laws of Nature remix is sounding particularly fresh to me on first listen."
Vincent Kwok - "Nice old school style garage on 'You Got Me So'."
DJ Craig C (Pound Boys) - "Diggin' this pickle!"
Alexander East (Planet East) - "I love this whole single!"
Distant People (Foliage / Seamless) - "Damn, the Laws of Nature remix is fire. That bass line is madness."
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - "Had a flashback to being in the middle of the Hacienda dance floor in Manchester, circa '94!"
DJ Phil T (DJ Times / Bight Magazine) - "Wow … big splashy house with great vocals. I love it!"
Ken Liu (Headset Recordings) - "I'm loving all of these … fun, upbeat, retro-infused hammers."
Revival88 (Strictly House FM) - "Nice vibes … Playless always delivers. The Glass Slipper remix is my favorite."
Richie Roberts (The Dance Factory, BBC WM) - "I love the original of 'You Got Me So' – it's got all the underground vibes of an MK mix – but it's 'Free' that has really touched the spot. Perfect atmospheric piano house … this will be huge for my audience."
Tariq Ziyad (New Urban ERA) - "This is the kind of house that I can't get enough of … both tunes and remixes are top drawer."

Available now from Beatport, Juno Download, and iTunes.