Millitone - Devotion (Soul Town Records)

Soulful house music has a huge, growing scene in South Africa. Recognizing this, New York’s Soul Town Records is pleased to be introducing Devotion, the debut album from South African deep house producer Millitone. The Galeshewe townsman’s love for house music was born as an escape from his daily struggles. In anticipation of the album a sampler of three songs has been prepped. “Taking Me Higher,” “Do Your Thang,” and “Come Closer,” each feature soulful vocalists over groove-filled, moving blends of African and deep house elements.

Ivan Fywus, a talented South African vocalist most prominently featured on the album, is joined by John Palm for a soulful duet of gospel proportions on “Taking Me Higher.” The backing sounds are made up of well placed hand percussion, sweet strings, and pulsing pads with cutting synth squeals as the lead in more tense moments. “Do Your Thang” featuring Leggo is a call to the dance floor with claps propelling the way over chugging stabs and some playful give-and-take sub interactions. NYC’s Italian vocalist import Georgia Cee is no stranger to house music collaborations, having worked with some of the best. She really shines with “Come Closer,” a stripped back drum track with sparse, seductive pads and a sultry horn section.

With soulful house music like this there’s really not much more to be said, all that’s left is for it to be felt. Millitone’s release on Soul Town Records is sure to move people in this way.

Tony Humphries - “Nice, soulful afro-house!”
Mr.V (Sole Channel) - “All of these tracks are hot!”
Booker T. (Kings Of Soul / Liquid Sessions) - “‘Taking Me Higher’ is a wicked tune … heavy!”
Vincent Kwok - “Nice soulful, deep vibes.”
Grant Nelson (Housecall) - “Very classy.”
Christos Kedras (Beat Philosophy / Kapa Music) - “Deep, soulful, afro-influenced, and with a touch of old school flavor. ‘Do Your Thang’ is my pick.”
Claudio Coccoluto - “A really good vibe here.”
Hippie Torrales - “Really nice … quality work.”
Haldo (Proceed Records) - “Millitone is one of my favorite producers … a great talent.”
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) - “Solid music, vocals, and production all round.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “I’m into the deepness here. Keeping a tougher edge works well, too.”
Dean Serafini (JJazproJect) - “Very strong tracks. The vocals in ‘Come Closer’ are as sweet as it gets.”
DJ Deeka (Radioactive FM, New Zealand) - “Nice release … ‘Do Your Thang’ all the way. Deep and slightly dark … perfect balance.”
Cherokee (Cherry Global Radio Show, Australia) - “Sultry, sexy, and hot! Loving all the tracks.”
Eddy Spirit (Spirit Crew / Janga Radio) - “I am loving the soulful vibes and sweet vocals from Georgia Cee. So much great atmosphere … I can’t wait to weave this into my set at the next party.”
Andrew Duke (In The Mix Radio Show) - “So far my only exposure to South African house has been through Kanzen Records. Great to see NYC’s Soul Town bringing these tracks to light as they are all superb.”
Alan Powell (Midnight Mix on Solar Radio) - “These tracks are beautifully sung with some lovely horn sections and minimalist deep and soulful grooves.”
Jamie Topham (CDPool) - “A warm, sweet production throughout. ‘Do Your Thang’ just about takes top spot on the podium.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - “Beautiful, soul oozing productions … I’m loving them all.”

Available now from Traxsource.