My Neighbour Is - Hot Cakes, Cold Drinks, & Scrambled Eggs (Cold Busted)

The prolific Manchester-based artist known as Robot Needs Oil has been found covertly recording downtempo and hip hop-fueled beats under the curious name of My Neighbour Is. This guise has now yielded the third album for the Cold Busted label in just under six months. The previous two, Fish & Chips and Metaphysical Juicer, were for the b-boys and then the skankers, but this one is strictly for the shakers. That’s right, My Neighbour Is … is in a funk. A wake-up call for the hips, Hot Cakes, Cold Drinks, & Scrambled Eggs is the title for the album, featuring eleven tracks of heavy soul and funk combined with the prerequisite dope beats. Arise and smell the stank aromas wafting in from the wah-wahs of rhythmic guitars, sliding over on-beat/off-beat afro percussion, and rubbing in big band motifs that say it’s okay to be horny in the morning. One might get a familiar whiff of a riff here and there, but don’t say ‘samples’ … the word is ‘homage.’ Cuts with titles like “Legs Quarter To 3,” “I Want My Multipack,” and “Don’t Stop My Gran Torino” are sure to quickly energize the deadest of dance floors. So wipe those weary eyes and watch the early daylight dance to the break of dawn with some Cold Busted and My Neighbour Is … it’s on!

Kid Loco - “Great breaks and maximum grooves.”
DJ Moneyshot (Ninja Tune / Solid Steel) - “Props! Bringing some funky standards up to date with a modern studio sheen. I bet this sh*t sounds ill on a club rig.”
Dogu (Ancient Astronauts) - “Wow, this is dope! I will play it out for sure.”
All Good Funk Alliance - “Funky!”
Basement Freaks - “The dopiest beats around!”
Dubble D (2020:Vision / Moodymanc) - “I’m a big fan of My Neighbour Is. More cool grooves made with soul.”
Simon Hodge (Funk & Soul Show, BBC 6 Music) - “Cool funky release. ‘Don’t Stop My Gran Torino’ is the standout track for me.”
Shantisan (Salted Soul) - “I love that fusion of dope beats and boogie feel … great, groovy tracks. Only winners … no fillers here!”
mister T (Cold Busted / Cube Radio) - “For me this is the album of the year!”
Joan Ribas (Cafe del Mar) - “Superb funky vibes.”
Double-D (Funky Fresh Radio Show, Germany) - “Yeah … another bangin’ burner … fresh!”
Marc Lacasse (sHIFT Radio / Jackhouse) - “Slamming cuts and drops all the way through with some slick licks.”
Francesco Adinolfi (Popcorner Radio Show, Italy) - “Rejoice in the name of funk … awesome.”
SimonG (Deep South Audio) - “This label and the artists it finds are diamond. Always makes me get a wiggle and jiggle … the beats are infectious and will shuffle the days along nicely.”
Javi Frias (Sound Dimension Radio Show, Spain) - “Super funky rhythms and smokin’ beats … love it!”

Available now from Beatport and The Cold Busted Shop.