Myles Bigelow - Flite Sessions EP (Deep Culture Music)

About Deep Culture Music and Myles Bigelow:
Vancouver’s Deep Culture Music is pleased to present the latest release from Myles Bigelow, the Flite Sessions EP. Myles has an extensive and dynamic musical background, and is not only a talented DJ and producer but also a vocalist and world-renowned percussionist. As a percussionist Myles toured the world with Latin Grammy winning artists Orlando “Maraca” Valle and the Alex Cuba Band, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Wynton Marsalis, Earth Wind & Fire, and Heracio “El Negro” Hernandez. He formed Deep Culture Music with Luis Machuca to further his interest in rhythm, combining it with soulful New York and Chicago bred styles of house music. In addition, Myles has previously released tracks on Pure Funk, Future Elements, and NeoSoul, the latter being the home to “Believe,” his recent collaboration with Julius Papp and vocalist Deborah Bond.

About Myles Bigelow’s Flite Sessions EP:
Sometimes what reigns supreme to an artist is the ability to express himself without limitations and the need for approval. Flite Sessions is a project that was conceived to allow unfettered expression, and a release from the pressure of considering external influences. Myles is not comfortable being restricted to one genre because it sets limitations on his multi-dimensional personality forcing him to consider a moniker as a way of explaining what could be perceived as inconsistency. More than anything else, Myles dislikes being restricted to just one sound, and so this project was deliberately conceived as an open-ended opportunity to explore any and all avenues. Each song carries its own character and consistency and is undivided in its purpose and intent. The opening track, “Get Them Up,” is the first of many vocal releases that Myles intends to release on Deep Culture. The vibe is house-hop, Afro-percussive, soulful, and deep. Myles enjoys rapping as much as singing and this track is the ice breaker to demonstrate a bit of both. “The Narrator” is a thick track meant to move floors in the deepest way possible. It represents a grittier side to Myles that he feels is usually neglected due to social, cultural pressures. “Torus” is inspired with a deep techy feel and a dash of soul to lighten the dark intensity that it projects at moments. This non-stop driving beat is a story that builds, reaches a climax and then resolves. Last but not least is “Life’s Celebration,” a deep, punchy, global, Afro-beat track. This song provides an organic dance feel while keeping some house roots. Those who enjoy this project as much as Myles enjoyed creating it will for sure enjoy the journey that Flite Sessions has in store for the future.

Quentin Harris - “Some good tracks on this EP.”
Roy Davis Jr. - “‘Get Them Up’ works for me. A well-rounded EP.”
Master Kev - “Feeling the vibe!”
Marques Wyatt - “Digging this!”
Demarkus Lewis - “Nice heavy foot on the ‘Torus’ track. Will give it a spin.”
Diz (Vizual / Classic) - “‘Narrator’ is the ISH for me on this effort. Dreamy yet slamming!”
Graeme Park - “A percussive delight.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - “The afro-tastic ‘Get Them Up’ is the one thanks to uplifting vocals, lush melodies and captivating rhythms.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Fantastic summer vibes here. I like the feel on this.”
Benji Candelario - “Good EP!”
Booker T. (Kings Of Soul) - “Nice deep vibes … support.”
Christos Kedras (Kapa Music) - “‘Get Them Up’ is my pick here. I’m loving the funky broken-beat action!”
Eddy Spirit (Janga Crew) - “‘The Narrator’ is the one for me. Enough percussion to make it work without hammering things too much and a mix of great quality sounds. A sure tool for the clubs.”
Swift (DJN Project) - “‘Get Them Up’ is dope!”
Cherokee (Cherry Global Radio Show) - “This EP is filled with talent! Great stuff. Will work out a few of these tracks for sure.”

Additional support from Gene Hunt, Abicah Soul, DJ EMan, DJ Pope, Craig Stewart, Spiritual Blessings, Christian Alvarez, and Bryan Jones.

Available from Juno Download and Beatport.