Jeromy Nail - Nothing's True (Hype & Soul Recordings)

On the heels of their slammin’ first release, Reno, Nevada’s Hype & Soul Recordings have upped the ante with their second installment of True House Jamz courtesy of the Northwest’s best kept secret: Jeromy Nail.

A staple in the west coast house community, Jeromy has been quietly going about his business of captivating Seattle and Portland dance floors for over a decade. While known and respected for his prowess on the decks, Nail has only recently come out of the proverbial studio closet and shown himself to be an absolutely gifted production artist. This release not only shines with Nail’s talents but also backs them up with remixes by some legendary underground figures.

Opening up the release is Jeromy’s original version of “Nothing’s True,” a lush trip into after-hours deep house territory featuring hypnotic synth lines, building pads, and effective vocal placements. Hanssen, AKA Seattle’s Bob Hansen from Jacob London fame, is up first on remix duty. Hanssen’s mix successfully captures an old school vibe within the context of his evolved contemporary programming. The third version of “Nothing’s True” comes from Costa Rica’s rising stars Mobius Strum (husband and wife duo Leo and Eles Falfan), who have been tearing up dance floors recently with their heady live sets as well as a string of well-received original productions. Here they move the track into a deeper, more disco-inflected groove with snappy high hats and a funky bass line.

The second track on the single, “GTFO,” is a complete departure from the lush deepness of “Nothing’s True.” The original mix relies on big tribal rhythms to back up techy synth stabs and a badass vocal snippet. Taking a cue from the new school, Johnny Fiasco's Fakes & Phonies Mix steps it up with his signature driving tribal layers that evolve into a finale of moderately acidic, pitched-out, synth stabs. Dance floor proven! Completing the package, Reno OGs Sulli & 5657 close the shades with a pumping low end number built around stripped-down tribal elements and a haunting filtered loop. Backed-up with those wicked vox stabs, a bass drop at the half way point shakes the building.

Demarkus Lewis - “Johnny Fiasco … need I say more?”
Brett Johnson - “Nice set of tracks … will play. Cool Eddie Murphy sample, by the way.”
Pezzner - “Fantastic music all around. I’m really connecting with super shoegazey version that Hanssen put together.”
Giom - “The Mobius Strum remix is for me.”
Pete Moss - “The original of ‘Nothing’s True’ is the one for me. Killer.”
Inland Knights - “Liking both the Johnny Fiasco and Mobius Strum remixes here.”
DJ Craig C (Pound Boys) - “This is one sexy-ass deep house release!”
Manuel Sahagun - “The Mobius Strum remix made me jump out of my chair!”
Chuck Daniels - “Johnny Fiasco’s mix sounds awesome!”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Johnny Fiasco drops a deep and techy bomb on his ‘GTFO’ remix, and the Mobius Strum reworking of ‘Nothing’s True’ is outstanding - a sublime slice of bass-heavy house. Love it!”
DJ Mes (Guesthouse) - “Fiasco kills it!”
UnaBombers - “Love the old school / nu skool jack vibe of ‘GTFO.’”
Tony D’Onghia (Radio Koper-Capodistria) - “My choice goes to the Mobius Strum remix. Gorgeous groove.”
Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance) - “‘Lush deepness’ is right! ‘Nothing’s True’ is wicked.” Charl Chaka (Radio 1 Dubai) - “My man Fiasco kills it. That’s house music right there!”

Additional support from Luciano, Claude Von Stroke, DJ T., Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Orde Meikle (Slam), Nick Holder, Robert Owens, Tyree Cooper, Tommy Largo, Omid 16B, Benji Candelario, DJ Harri (Sub Club), C-Rock, Jason Hodges, DJ Linus, Onionz, and Doc Link.

Available now from Beatport.