Phenomenal Handclap Band - PHB Loves NYC (Tummy Touch)

Always at the forefront of innovation, the Tummy Touch label continues their alliance with New York-based psych-rock-dance-soul sensation Phenomenal Handclap Band. The band’s anticipated remix album PHB Loves NYC will, without a shadow of a doubt, help make summer ’13 one to remember. Since their humble beginnings - comprised of founding members Daniel Collas and Sean Marquand - the band has snowballed in size and popularity. In 2008 Patrick Wood, Luke Riverside, Laura Marin, Bing Ji Ling, Pier Pappalardo, and Joan Tick joined the band and by 2012 they had released their second full-length album, Form and Control. PHB Loves NYC follows this with remixes by ten DJ / producers working in the NYC scene as the band pays loving homage to the vibrant club culture forever entrenched in richness of their city.

Included are remixes from hometown heroes Dennis “Citizen” Kane, DJ Spun, Tokyo Black Star, and Max Pask (aka Maxime). Characterized by heavy-handed guitar strings and a mounting anticipation, seminal house head Dennis Kane turns in a dreamily meandering rendition of “All Clichés” while Rong Records honcho and close DFA affiliate DJ Spun effects a lighter, buoyant tonality with his carefree version of “Shake.” Marrying elements of indie and disco in perfect stride, “Shake” is quintessential listening for crossover fans of what’s been recently termed ‘indie dance.’ Another example of the kind of exquisite diversity one can expect from this pack of summer tunes comes from DJ / production outfit Tokyo Black Star. Split between Tokyo and New York, Alex Prat and Isao Kumano’s plunging take on “The Right One” is as catchy as it is galactic with its robotic-sounding backdrop and misty vocals. Next, vinyl guru and party promoter Max Pask does what he does best handing over a sleek brooding adaptation of “Mirrors.” Like much of this release, “Mirrors” mixes ingredients from all corners of the disco, house, and indie continuums.

Sit back, relax, and let Phenomenal Handclap Band take you out for an unforgettable night in New York.

Tensnake - “Nice remixes from one of my favorite albums of the year!”
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “Wonderful!”
Erik Rug - “I’m really into the DJ Spun and Maxime remixes … I’ll play this!”
Greg Wilson - “Really good!”
Sleazy McQueen - “I’m lovin the Mondee Oliver samples in DJ Spun’s remix … yeah!”
Bill Brewster ( - “The DJ Spun and Dennis Kane mixes the picks for me … both are really nice.”
The Glimmers - “Love it!”
LawnChair Generals - “Shake! Shake! Shake! DJ Spun delivers on this one!”
Irregular Disco Workers - “The Tokyo Black Star Remix is amazing!”
DJ Sabo (Sol*Selectas) - “Cool remixes with nice vintage sounds.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) - “A wonderful, inventive stash of remixes here.”
Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radio Show) - “I’m a big fan of PHB. Every track is a winner here.”
Richard Hardcastle (Solid State / All Out War) - “This EP means business from bar one. I’m going for DJ Spun’s mix as my fave but all are brilliant and all are completely different treatments. The sh*t, basically.”
Bootsy (For The Love Radio Show, UK) - “Great remixes of one of my favorite bands. Maxime’s remix of ‘Mirrors’ is my pick. DJ Spun’s mix of ‘Shake’ a close second.”
Black Alley (In Control Radio Show) - “Maxime’s ‘Mirrors’ remix is sooo my vision of a deep and sexy night in NYC.”

Available now from iTunes, Amazon, Juno Download, and the Tummy Touch Bandcamp store.