Sumsuch feat. Will Brock - Simpatico (Colour and Pitch)

Announcing Colour and Pitch, a brand new record label specialising in handcrafted electronic music from the heart. The imprint debuts with “Simpatico,” an impressive single from underground stalwart Sumsuch. With previous releases on Urban Torque, Apollo, and Seven Music, Sumsuch has already found much favor with deep-thinking music lovers across the globe, from his home town of Brighton to Barcelona to Hoxton to Helsinki. Perhaps it is this kind of mindfulness that has lent itself so strongly to the sturdy nature of Sumsuch’s remarkably cohesive catalogue.

“Simpatico” finds Sumsuch joined by Philadelphia-based soul man Will Brock whose vocals add a seductive human touch to the producer’s already emotive and atmospheric palette. Marked by its solid, dance floor rhythm and able vocal, the cut’s chirpy textures peal in and out marrying subtle chord progressions alongside a rising drumbeat. The first of two “Simpatico” remixes comes from US techno powerhouse and self-confessed ‘reclusive perfectionist’ Myles Sergé (6ONE6 | DEFREC, ESHU Records). His speedy but spacious take on the original can only be described as melancholic - a sound that will surely appeal to fans of dreamier, esoteric club music. Twinned with off-kilter percussion, this tender slice of left-field techno is, simply put, nothing short of beguiling. Next up, Orlando native and aloof production hero Q-Burns Abstract Message lends his own special touch to “Simpatico,” complete with rolling drums and dubbed out bass lines. Treading the fine line between ‘eclectic experimenter and populist ass-shaker’ Q-BAM supplies a vintage reworking which effortlessly defies genre tags. “Kelly Drive,” another original track from Sumsuch, deftly completes the package. Full of evocative strings and just the right amount of acid, this instrumental track sees Sumsuch at his cinematic best as he recreates a journey across Philadelphia on the scenic road known as ‘Kelly Drive’.

The Philly connection throughout this release is no coincidence. As Sumsuch himself puts it: “Every artist from Philadelphia I’ve worked with over the years has brought a level of talent, soul, inspiration, and magic to each project which I have simply not experienced in any other city on Earth. In Will Brock I have found yet another Philadelphia collaborator to stretch and challenge me artistically. So this release is humbly dedicated to the City of Brotherly Love. There truly is something in the water!”

Tensnake - “The Myles Serge remix is very deep … I like it.”
Ricky Ryan (Sick Watona / Avangardia) - “The Myles Serge remix sounds nice.”
Chris Fortier - “The ‘Simpatico’ original is quite nice.”
Llorca (Art of Tones) - “Great mixes from Myles Serge and Q-Burns Abstract Message. Very nice!”
Hamza (Wind Horse Records) - “Wow, ‘Kelly Drive’ is amazing! Now that is pure class … this is timeless.”
Lars Behrenroth - “The Myles Serge remix is huge!”
Christos Kedras (Kapa Music) - “Q-Burns Abstract Message hits the right spots here … I’m loving the trippy broken groove.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Warm and dreamy sounds … something for the terraces.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - “Gorgeous remix by Myles Serge oozing with enchanting atmospheric melodies and smooth yet thrilling rhythms.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Both originals are cool here, ‘Kelly Drive’ being the personal choice from the two, but from this package it has to be Q-Burns Abstract Message. What a superb remix … I’m really feeling the percussive flow and the overall bounce to the track. Ace.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.