Situation featuring Herbatronic TRFTF 3000 - The Robot (Cyclo Records)

The classic London-based house music label Cyclo Records built its humble reputation within the underground house music scene of the late 90’s to the mid 00s. Projects by respected US, French, and UK producers like Gemini, Larry Heard, Derrick Carter, JT Donaldson, and The Superman Lovers, among many others, made Cyclo releases well anticipated by discerning DJs. Now Cyclo returns with a fresh start and a provocative sound with the UFO-worthy “Robot,” produced by UK electronic dance crew Situation. Featuring Herbatronic TRFTF 3000's laconic yet vibrant vocal performance ”Robot” almost unintentionally draws its influences from an early electronic music era (Kraftwerk, G. Moroder?) while remaining very singular. Epic acid sounds blended into Situation's customary deep house grooves will most certainly leave a nostalgic imprint on the listener without omitting the dance floor. On the remix tip, Italo disco innovator Daniele Baldelli joins forces with Ajello’s DJ Rocca for a cosmic nightclub experience filled with soaring synths and filtered white noise percussion. The Superman Lovers then burst forth with a funky disco treatment tailor made for vintage light-up dance floors. Finally, there are a pair of dubs to close out the set, with Dom’s Jazzy Dub soothing the Robot’s circuits with its deep and smooth lines and fancy swing. Do the Robot!

Justin Robertson (The Deadstock 33s) - “Niceness.”
Dr. Dunks (Rub N’ Tug / Still Going) - “GREAT!”
Nick Chacona - “The jazzy dub is nice … summer vibes.”
Ilya Santana - “I like the Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca remix … get back to the 80s.”
Will SumSuch (Urban Torque / Seven Music) - “Brilliant! Can’t help but smile. A proper feel-good tune with a hilarious vocal. Good package!”
Bonar Bradberry - “Great EP with great remixes.”
Jota Wagner (Colors Sound System) - “Definitely the Supermen Lovers remix. It’s hard to listen to this mix without trying to imagine how it would sound in the mix. Nice!”
Brett Johnson (Bang The Box) - “Very nice stuff!”
Pete Herbert (Reverso 68) - “Great stuff, going for the Baldelli & Rocca version and the dub here.”
Iron Horse (Pawn Shop Records) - “Dom’s Jazzy Dub is an ESSENTIAL summer tune. Love it!”
German MT (Como Las Grecas) - “Awesome release! An amazing bomb of an original track, seven magic minutes with D. Baldelli & DJ Rocca, and a great Supermen Lovers mix, all ideal for the dancefloor. Robot of the summer!”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.