AndyFellaz - BeatBop Street (Cold Busted)

The Greek beat-head massive is represented once again on the Cold Busted label with Beatbop Street. It’s an album from the cool new project AndyFellaz, a collaboration of Athens-based producer Billa Qause (Beatquick) and percussionist Nikos Martziokas (Wolfy Funk). Influenced by ’90s hip hop, trip hop, Latin montunos, jazz, and lounge, the pair have delivered fourteen exciting cuts that groove and shimmer with the best of ’em. Highlights include the melancholic skank of “Just One More Time”, “Rumbetas”’s classic acid jazz style, the funky swing of “Two Weirdos”, and “Madrugada”’s dreamy cosmic salsa. The set also includes contributions from Wolfy Project’s bass player Konstantinos Stamou, as well as Yegor Cergei who reveals an elegantly cut-up remix of “Just One More Time”. Beatbop Street will satisfy the hip hoppers, the loungers, the jazzers … pretty much any fan of funky downtempo will be convinced by AndyFellaz. Dig it.

Quincy Jointz (Timewarp Music Radio Show) – “Really good downbeat stuff.”
misterG (Green Arrow Radio Show) – “Taste this, with your earholes.”
Mister T. (Cold Busted) – “Very cool and comprehensive work here. Hard to pick a favorite. Keep it up Fellaz!”
Rusty (All Good Funk Alliance) – “Dope Latin deep breaks here. Digging these a lot.”
Mr. Bristow (Subtek / Detox) – “Nice soulful hip-hop & jazzy vibes on these. Great release!”
Andreas Kinzl (Aromabar – Austria) – “Superb old school Sunday format groove.”
Opolopo (Tokyo Dawn Records) – “Nice and Dusty.”
BMD (XLNT / Tru:Funk) – “Really cool chill out album. Difficult to pick just one favorite tune.”
DJ Firefly (WRCT 88.3 FM – Pittsburgh) – “These guys totally nail that classic jazzy downtempo sound. Love it!”
Dr. Best (Radio Z – Germany) – “Jazzy Downtempo with a sunny vibe … right up my alley!”
DJ Jazzy L (Jazzy Lounge Radio – Chicago) – “Mo’libre is super funky. Global York is really jazzy. Great sound all around!”
Lakatos Sandor Suefo (Radio Tilos – FM 90.3 Budapest) – “AndyFellaz made my day! Especially Just One More Time and Rumbetas.”

Available Now From: Bandcamp, Juno Download, iTunes, And Spotify.

Moderator - Street Bangerz Volume 10 (Cold Busted)

Cold Busted's famed Street Bangerz series has reached its tenth installment, continuing to, in the words of the label, "define the street sound of today." Indoctrinating global beatmakers into Cold Busted's extended family, the series promises nimble sample archeology and breakbeats both funky and soulful, combining flavors from the new and old schools. The Athens, Greece, producer Moderator has been tasked with number ten, and he delivers in a champion fashion. Last year's The World Within album for Cult Classic Records gave a tantalizing taste of what to expect from Moderator as Street Bangerz Volume 10 now rolls onto the scene. Fifteen tracks of bouncing beat-head hotness are introduced by the crucial soul-breaks of "Ain't Nobody Change My Mind" … and it won't take much further than "Trouble"'s Jamaican-style skank in the following track to realize the variety of sounds presented here. "Underground Dopiness" and "Keep On", a couple of classic-themed hip hop tracks featuring Los Angeles rhyme crew Revolutionary Rhythm, and appearances by female emcee Maicee and soulful vocalist Heeni also display Moderator's impressive sonic breadth. But the cohesive thread throughout is Moderator's keen production acumen and solid beats, keeping this edition of Street Bangerz on track for repeated listens and dance floor plays.

Kid Loco - "Top Class. All tracks are ace. He ain't no 'moderator', this guy is the liquidator. Best beats around for a while."
Nightmares On Wax - "Some solid stuff on here … will support through the summer."
Opolopo - "Good stuff!"
All Good Funk Alliance - "Dope beats and tough soul edits."
Fort Knox Five - "Super variety of funky goodness."
The Reflex (G.A.M.M. / Basic Fingers) - "Tastefully done!"
Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s) - "There's lots to get excited about on here."
Ben Mono (Undertones Gang / Plant Music) - "Dope stuff."
Monk-One (Names You Can Trust / Wax Poetics) - "Nice boom bap."
SimonG (Deep South Audio, New Zealand) - "Some scorchin' beats … Cold Busted draw on their army of producers to deliver more funk filled sexiness."
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) - "This is what it's all about … stone solid beats!"
Jamie Topham (CDPool) - "Love this Street Bangerz series and boy are there some on this from Moderator … all killers, no fillers."

Available now from Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.

Chop Juggler - More Is Less (Cold Busted)

Greek rhythm rustler Chop Juggler has dropped his debut album – titled More Is Less – to follow up the well-received Diggasmic EP on Cult Classic Records. Released on the prolific Cold Busted label, More Is Less collects eleven top notch beat-heavy jams from the young producer, now in his early twenties but involved in music making since the beginning of his teens. His artist name is apt, as Chop Juggler is adept at taking loops and samples and melding, twisting, and – yes – chopping them into intricate compositions. "Amethyst" provides convincing evidence; seemingly disparate sources are cut into sonic snatches, layered and bursting in and out of the mix to any beat-head's delight. There's also the more uptempo "Night Travel" which sounds just like that … if one is traveling by moonlight in a '70s television crime drama. Slower, spacey moments like "Money Can't Buy Time" and "Brave New World" showcase Chop Juggler's depth, but with his ear for striking samples and tough hip hop beats still in full display. More Is Less follows through in its title's statement by never overwhelming, but the album's satisfying flow will indeed find the listener looking for more from this talented producer.

Soul of Man (Finger Lickin' Records) - "A great listen … now to unleash to the unsuspecting masses!"
Fort Knox Five - "Nice variety of funky tunes from downtempo to floor-rocking."
Inland Knights - "All good as ever."
Ben Mono (Undertones Gang / Plant Music) - "Dope stuff."
Mr. Bristow (Subtek / Tru:Funk) - "Feeling this! Some real deep groovers here … excellent work."
Belabouche (Midnight Riot / DiscoDat) - "Nice release!"
Stereo 77 (Plimsoll Records) - "As to be expected from Cold Busted, another killer release."
Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s) - "Really liking some of the tracks on here."
DJ Massivefunk (Pig Balls Records) - "Very nice release. I love the different styles, from sweet lounge music to funky party bangers."
DJ Tomas (Google Play / ForwardEver) - "These cuts are indeed Ginsu-precise: love the plethora of rich soul samples and chunky beats. Killer consistency throughout the array of tracks. A real head-nodder!"
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) - "Loops, drops, beats, breaks … class!"
DJ Osric (Black and Blue Radio Show, Australia) - "A good and aptly titled debut. 'Tomorrow Night''s swing groove and jazzed up hip hop beat won me over."
Marc Lacasse (sHIFT Radio Show, Winnipeg) - "Fantastic arrangements … soulful and funky joints start to finish."

Available now from Bandcamp, Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify.

Kill Emil - Salvation (Cold Busted)

Kill Emil is a DJ and producer based in Athens, Greece -- by way of Brazil -- who, since 2009, has created a healthy discography of potent beats and sublime atmospheres. With an early inspiration in hip hop and, importantly, Gangstarr's Daily Operation, Kill Emil has been prolifically chopping up breaks on his MPC and is now up to his third artist album, the intriguingly titled Salvation. Its twelve tracks introduce dense soundscapes and clever samples over rough, funky rhythms, providing fuel to the DJs and head-nodders alike. Highlights on this Cold Busted release include the bouncy and somewhat spacey "When I See Your Smile", the wistful yet playful "Can't Find It", and the surprisingly cosmic "Such A Long Time". Kill Emil's constructions contain many twists and turns within the layers … this imaginative producer keeps things interesting for the full run of his captivating album. Expand your mind and find Salvation.

All Good Funk Alliance - "Nice beats and samples here … I'm digging this."
Mark Farina - "I'm liking a few of these tracks."
Danny Massure (Spring Strut) - "Tasty!"
Rory Hoy (Howlin' Records / Super Hi-Fi) - "Beautiful trip hop beats in this fantastic release."
Renegades Of Jazz (Agogo Records / Mojo Club) - "This is nice and mellow."
Quincy Jointz (Timewarp) - "Nice chill grooves."
Mojo Rising (Cold Busted / F.A.M.I.L.Y.) - "Smooth, silky beats with lush vocal treats floating on top. Lovely stuff."
Shantisan (Salted Soul / One Note Samba) - "Great groovers … a wonderful soundtrack for the summer."
Stereo 77 (Plimsoll Records) - "Nice work here ... it reminds me of Rae & Christian and Grand Central Records."
DJ Sun (Soular Grooves) - "Tasty downtempo vibes!"
DJ BMF (Phat N' Jazzy) - "I like all the Kill Emil stuff I've heard … very cool head-nod music."
Doc Proof (Funkanomics) - "Dope beats … the entire release is great."
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) - "Very classy beats throughout."
Lebrosk (Mixmag) - "I'm liking the sound of this one!"
Dr. Best (Headz / Limbo Rhythm) - "Nice downtempo album … a soundtrack for sofa surfers."

Available now from The Cold Busted Bandcamp Shop, Beatport, and iTunes.