Tal M. Klein - Exhaustasaurus EP (Aniligital Music)

San Francisco’s Tal M. Klein reveals the Exhaustasaurus EP, a selection of three original tracks taken from his upcoming album of the same title on Aniligital Music. Inspired by Tal’s consistently exhausted state of mind during its recording sessions, Exhaustasaurus is his third solo album in an impressive discography that dates back to 1997. Included in this discography are also his many in-demand collaborations with Hector Works’ Anthony Mansfield and remixes for the likes of Cornershop, Nickodemus, and Basement Freaks. Like these past endeavors, the new album cuts showcase Tal as an artist who refuses to be constrained by the limitations of any particular genre. The EP starts off with the title track, a heavy house number that builds, kicking into full gear halfway in and never letting go. Second on the release, “The Consequence” slows down the tempo with cut up strings, an evocative piano, and an acid breakdown. Still low in tempo, but this time high in acid, “Perforated” is a sardonic retrospective homage to a time when the TB–303 and TR–909 ruled the electronic music scene. Lovemonk recording artist Casbah 73 and Homebreakin’ Records crew member Spiltmilk heighten elements from the original “Exhaustasaurus” with remixes that twist and turn in completely different directions ending up as perfect additions to a well thought-out EP. Go big or go extinct! 

Nick Warren - “‘The Consequence’ is a monster, set to be very big indeed.”
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “Amazing. I love this.”
Alland Byallo - “Wow, that Casbah 73 mix is brilliant!”
Ursula 1000 - “Me likes!”
Sleazy McQueen - “I’m totally digging the original of ‘Exhaustasaurus’ … nice work!”
Ant Plate (Rhythm Plate / YSE) - “The album’s sounding clean, analoguesque, and deep. I’m liking the low down growl of ‘Perforated’ but it’s the Casbah 73 remix that I’ll be spinning out this weekend.”
Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - “Tal rocks my world.”
Hardway Bros (A Love From Outer Space) - “Tal Klein is a massive talent - end of.”
Cyclist (Homebreakin) - “I love the groove of the Splitmilk remix … quality.”
DJ Johnny O aka THE WOLF (Global Rhythm Records) - “This is great package. ‘The Consequence’ is my favorite … I like the triggering sound building up and breaking down again. A perfect intro track. The Casbah 73 remix is also a massive tune with fantastic jazz vibes and bass line. Keep it up.”
Felix Dickinson (Cynic Music) - “I really like ‘Perforated’ … will definitely play.”
Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe) - “Perhaps Tal at his best right here. Plus a Casbah 73 remix? I give this 5 more stars!”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) - “Refreshingly unique record this with a brace of great remixes. Lovely!”
Deadbeat Disco Radio Show - “‘Perforated’ is a bobby dazzler of a track! Second place on the podium goes to the Spiltmilk remix.”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.