The Candy Dealers - Danger Zone (Eighth Dimension Records)

From Rosario, Argentina descend The Candy Dealers, a dastardly duo made up of two accomplished producers in their own right: Jay West and Christian Malloni. Their individual production schedules have seen tunes grace the rosters of Salted, Amenti, So Sound, Proton, and Candy Music. When time allows, the two come together in a Rosario studio space and become the mighty Candy Dealers. Eighth Dimension was lucky enough to catch the pair in this guise, snagging a soul-filled house music stomper by the name of “Danger Zone.” It’s decidedly a nod to an old school sound (and, yes, a certain old school song) updated for contemporary discotheques. The Candy Dealers’ usual funky beat-play anchors tremendous builds, spiraling synth leads, and a vocal line that could stop a heartbeat. With an equally effective dub the two producers have bestowed a prime time package to be unleashed on deserving dance floors throughout the globe. As an added bonus, Eighth Dimension enlisted their Italian friends Ajello to whip out a heady remix in their distinctive style. Ajello is making serious waves with top work for Rebirth, Maxi Discs, and their own Danny Was A Drag Queen imprint. Their contribution here continues to impress with a synth-tastic workout that harks back to a bygone musical era while pointing the way to the horizon. These three tracks make for an enticing song set that should send DJs perilously heading into the “Danger Zone!

Charles Feelgood - “I was around the first time! This is great.”
Graeme Park - “Ajello Remix all day long!”
DJ Gregory (FayaCombo) - “Love this!”
Djuma Soundsystem - “Awesome! Cheese as we like it! Ajello’s remix is top as well.”
Space Ranger - “The song referenced here was one of the breakdance tunes I used in the 80’s. Nice to hear it again after so long.”
Tony D’Onghia (Radio Koper-Capodistria) - “The Ajello remix is a masterclass in synth-disco brilliance. Italians do it better!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “This will get the floor moving. The dub is a monster.”
Jovan Gligorov (Relaxators Dance Company) - “Proper filtered house and disco-fueled dance music never gets old.”
Sandro Bianchi (Ibiza Sonica) - “Love it! A classic track perfectly retouched by Ajello.”

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