The Medicine Man - Untitled 2 (Black Star Music)

Blue Bass presents the seventh release of sub-label Black Star Music. Untitled 2 is the new two track project from mysterious production outfit The Medicine Man. Following in the path of the previous Untitled release on the label, the sequel offers two deep techno tracks with minimal progressions that alter the flow in subtle, but effective ways. Differing somewhat in mood, both “Clouds” and “9 Light Years” lend their own perspectives on techno ambience, chord sequencing, and hypnotic grooves. The slower counterpart, “Clouds,” drifts along to the inhale and exhale of filtered synth stabs, at times disappearing into the pads. “9 Light Years” speeds up the same sonic qualities, introducing a narcotic melody that eventually bursts into bright arpeggiations, giving a sense of travel. The release shows The Medicine Man ready to heal any DJ ailments at their very core.

Daniel Bortz (Suol / Pastamusik) - “Sounds cool!”
Chris Fortier (Fade) - “A good, deep workout.”
Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart / DCSTrax) - “I’m feeling ‘Clouds’ … very deep and moody for the after hours. Great work.”
Stacey Pullen - “These are cool.”
Tyler Stadius - “I love them both … vibey, feel good grooves!”
Makossa & Megablast (Luv Lite Recordings) - “Solid deep tracks.”
Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings) - “Nice deep vibe!”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory) - “Both tracks are lovely and deep … I like it.”
DJ Di Costa (MoodyLushious Influences) - “Both tracks are amazing … a dubby, futuristic deep house sound. This is dope!”
Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music) - “Truly hypnotic … both great tracks.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “Even with its Detroit influences, the dreamy ‘Clouds’ kind of sounds like a cosmic Balearic journey to me.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Deep, moody, and full of feeling.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Damn, this is so good! Both cuts exude real quality and the low-slung rolling vibe on ‘Clouds’ is absolutely outstanding.”
[sic] (Balls Deep / Fnoob Radio) - “Two really well-crafted tracks. I’m really liking the energy of ‘9 Light Years,’ particularly that lo-fi reversed synth stab.”
Manuel Sahagun (Candy Music) - “I’m liking the dark textures in ‘9 Light Years.’”
Jean Jérome (Radio FG, Paris) - “‘Clouds’ is a pure jewel!”
Milton Welch (Soul Reflector / No Vegans) - “‘Clouds’ is an awesome track with a really classic style … sleek and grand sounding. ‘9 Light Years’ pumps … built for the dance floor.”
Danuta Kurkowski (Acid Ted music blog) - “I love both tracks … techno at its finest.”

Available now from Beatport.