Tom Appl - Downtown (Karmaloft Music)

Karmaloft Music keeps up the summer pace with a new release from Munich-based sound engineer Tom Appl. Tom’s career as a DJ dates back to the early ’90s with the sounds of tech, deep, and melody-infused house music. As a producer he has previously created productions and remixes under the pseudonym Fruitroom. Two originals, “Downtown" and "Klichi,” make up his new effort with remixes from Bes & Meret, Enne, Matthias Freudmann, and Christos Fourkis.

Tom Appl combines old world gipsy style with carnival flair, all adding up with a balearic effect. It’s a blend of guitar plucking, castanets, metallic chimes, and a festive lead organ with folk style vocals delivered as a higher pitched croon. “Klichi” also feels fit for the White Isle, but the growl of its heavily distorted bass and the nerve rattling sensations of its melodic keys lend it a more after-hours appeal. The first to remix “Downtown” are Bes & Meret, two DJs also from Munich whose productions have contributed to some impressive compilations, one such being Café del Mar. They straighten out the track’s groove, providing for more drive. Dresden’s Matthias Freudmann, Munich transplant Enne, and Greek native Christos Fourkis each harden the original around the edges with more club- friendly approaches. Enne, a prolific musician and member of Mohear, with his solo releases finding a home on labels like Compost and Permanent Vacation, is a definitive highlight with a heavy house shuffle on the hats and snare placed over the top of a deep, menacing acid bass line. There’s plenty to choose from on this release for a variety of different nightclub contexts.

Vincent Kwok (Eight-Fifteen / Transport Recordings) - “Great remix from Mathias Freudmann.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Good selection of vibes and solid beats here … I’m really digging the original ‘Downtown’ and the Christos Fourkis remix. ‘Klichi’ is also superb.”
Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm) - “‘Downtown’ has a very unique and infectious sound. My favorite is the Bes & Meret remix.”
Pat Lezizmo (Conya Records) - “‘Klichi’ is just my cup of tea … such a powerful track. Loving it!”
Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings) - “Some nice vibes here.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “The Mathias Freudmann remix is just slammin’ … the bass knocks you about nicely.”
DJ Di Costa (MoodyLushious Influences) - “Beautiful and at the same time a pretty twisted release. I must say that Tom Appl has done a very intriguing job on these tracks. Enne’s Garage Remix and then Christos Fourkis’s one are my favorites but I’m quite sure I’d use the other tracks here, too.”
Kosta (Vibe FM, Romania) - “I haven’t heard of Tom Appl previously, but his work comes as a nice surprise. Good remixes, too … the Bes & Meret mix is the cherry on top.”
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) - “The Mathias Freudmann remix takes this track track to another level. There’s a great summer feel to this deep, driving stunner. Tune!”
Dado Funky Poetz (Radio Monte Carlo) - “A possible hit!”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.