Xander Milne - Let Me Fuse EP (Whiskey Pickle Records)

Whiskey Pickle Records is proud to present the debut release from European native Xander Milne. As the assistant label manager to Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music, Xander has been steeped in house music culture for ages. Once Whiskey Pickle caught wind that he was shopping original tunes, a week’s time was all that was needed for the two parties to reach an agreement and set about a release of his first single.

The A-side, “I Know You,” is a stunning collaboration between Xander Milne and Whiskey Pickle stalwart Abstrakt Audio. The pair’s distinctive styles blend to create a modern house jam with heavy praises to the old school. On the flip, “Let Me Fuse” is a twisted romp with notes of acid, electro, and tropical flavors … a smashing debut from a promising new artist.

Tapped on the remix front, Abstrakt Audio makes his second appearance to inject the usual retro vibes with some heavy swung percussion and stabby chords to get those house-heads bobbin’. Austin’s own Daelo turns in a tech-infused, hypnotic stomper to round out the package.

All in all, another solid addition to the Whiskey Pickle catalog.

CJ Mackintosh - “Loving ‘I Know You!’”
Miguel Migs - “The Abstrakt Audio remix of ‘Let Me Fuse’ is nice.”
Todd Edwards - “I love the vocals.”
Ursula 1000 - “Bouncy goodness.”
Toomy Disco (Kitsuné / Under The Shade) - “This is the house style that I love to play!”
Graeme Park - “‘I Know You’ is highly appealing.”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco / Dalston Superstore) - “Yes … super good.”
Giom - “Nice work … I’m liking these.”
Bruce Tantum (Time Out NY / East Village Radio) - “Great stuff … nice mix of classic house feel and sound-of-the-now vibe. Loving both originals and the remixes!”
Hardway Bros (A Love From Outer Space) - “The Daelo remix of ‘Let Me Fuse’ is the one!”
Nick Holder (DNH Records) - “I’m digging this!”
Thomas White (Natural Rhythm) - “Great classic vibes to this with a bit of MK / Kevin Yost influence. Nice job!”
Clive Craske (RadioReverb) - “‘Let Me Fuse’ is the gem here. Acidic, funky, percussive, and psychedelic … the original really hits the spot.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “‘I Know You’ is very reminiscent of the mid-’90s stuff on labels like Nice & Ripe … a really authentic feel. Ace.”
Jaysoul (Soul:R Soundsystem) - “I can’t wait to tear dance floors apart with ‘I Know You’ … Xander Milne is on fire!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “I’m instantly into this and will be playing it for some time. Great blend of old and new styles.”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download