Moodprint - Moodprint (Cold Busted)

Cold Busted takes a step outside what one might expect from the label with a new self-titled release from Moodprint. Then again, it's really nothing unusual from a label that's never ever easy to pin. Taken in the context of beats with complex rhythms and samples derived from soul, funk, and the like, Moodprint fits right in; they just approach things from a more futuristic slant. An innovative crossover between electronic, hip-hop, bass, funk, and ambient sounds, this project brings to mind the dominant Soulection Crew, who've already made note of them with the release of Moodprint's D'Angelo bootleg. The Belgian duo's other home has been Tangram Records and their work has gotten support from LeFtO, 22tracks, Up High Collective, and international radio stations in the form of airplay.

Made up of nine tracks, Moodprint's eponymous album is syrupy. Bright melodies, heavily sweetened synths, well-sourced vocals, and no-stone-left-unturned rhythms make it a treat to digest. Opener "Storyboard" quickly sets the pace with a folk-like -- but totally electronic -- neuroticism. "Prophet" follows with intergalactic funk swagger, only hitting the brakes for dramatic effect. The subdued maturity showed on the elegant, future R&B / hip-hop cut "Flash" is a particularly shining moment for the release. "'96 JuKnow!" and "McElove" are bubbly and emphatically chord-heavy, tip-toeing towards the beloved early post-garage work of Mount Kimbie. By the end, an impression is made as Moodprint embraces and cements their name in sound.

Quincy Jointz (Timewarp Music) - "Fresh, groovy, soulful … a dope release."
Lo Tide (Organik Recordings) - "Superb set of downbeat grooves and vocal slices. So many lush soundscapes you can just drift away …"
Minus 8 (Compost / Stereo Deluxe) - "Sounds fresh and very modern."
Danny Massure (Spring Strut / Ticklejunk) - "Tasty textures and sexy vibes."
Shantisan (Salted Soul / One Note Samba) - "Nice and intelligent downbeats."
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - "This is curiously modern."
Feodor AllRight (AMDJS Radio Show, Russia) - "Pure bliss!"
Aja Allsop (Ketch A Vibe Radio Show) - "Absorbs your soul … so, so good."
Velanche (Club 91 Radio Show) - "A really good selection of chilled beats … great stuff!"
DJ Tomas (ForwardEver / Umoja HiFi) - "Innovative beat production … great twists and turns. Headphone friendly but some good tracks for the club, too."
Lemar Soulflower (Soul Deep NYC) - "Futuristic left of center beat-crafting that really grooves."
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - "This is excellent … it turns the page to the label’s future."
Robert Lochmann (Jazzmadass Radio Show, Germany) - "Top notch nu-breed electro-funk. No weakness in the freakiness. The guys learnt their lessons well."

Available now from Beatport and The Cold Busted Shop.