DJ Enne - Shades Of House (Karmaloft Music)

Karmaloft Music is pleased to present a new ten track album from DJ Enne, a prolific musician and mastermind of Italo-inspired electro-disco-rock band Mohear. His solo releases have made their way onto labels like Compost and Permanent Vacation, but this comes as no surprise considering his close relationship to the Italian cosmic pioneers Baldelli and Beppe Loda. He spent much of the '80s absorbed in the afro-funky-cosmic-disco sound -- the reoccurring hyphen-bridged music descriptors reflective of his genre-bending tastes and, also, his fourth album: Shades Of House.

A collection of wide ranged house and (classic style) electro tracks with handmade, funky bass lines and soulful, cheerful hooks, Shades Of House was recorded in Enne's home-base of Munich with the sounds pretty much all played by the multi-instrumentalist himself. Opening with "Break Me", the album gets off to a romanticized and arpeggiated Italo disco-ish start, particularly potent in the delayed piano chords and step-it-up bass. Pulsing and tribal, "Congolia" features a foreboding bell and the complex rhythm of African hand drums sounding straight out of the Congo. "Pink Souls" marks a shift as the album's hauntingly cosmic number, full of drama and accented by spoken word. The pitch perfect, lush house of "Song For Kezia" eventually evolves into "Strings Of Life"-like piano ecstasy. A hefty slice of krautrock, "Allein" features German singer Jens Poenitsch with lyrics in his native tongue. These are just some of the highlights … with half the album already accounting for such an array of different styles, experiencing it in full will leave no doubt of Enne's knack for taking on any shade of house he sees fit.

Johnwaynes (Cécille Records / Compost) - "'Song For Krezia' is the one for me … well done!"
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - "Quel energy! I love this."
Vanilla Ace (OFF Recordings) - "'C Minor In My House' … that's for me."
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "Lots of great tracks here . Very very nice sound."
Hardway Bros (A Love From Outer Space) - "'Song For Krezia' is a killer."
DJ Tonka (Tonka Tunes) - "'Congolia' is a sure player! Kinda tribal-meets-Doppelwipper-style tech-house. Me like!"
Aromabar (INFRACom!) - "Funky, deep, old school … on the spot!"
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - "Yes, this is a simply superb collection of beats … a real example of how to make 'proper' house music, in all its glory."
Pat Lezizmo (Conya Records) - "Such a nice collection of tunes. 'Song For Kezia' is the highlight for me … great groove and that nice organ melody."
Richard Hardcastle (Solid State / All Out War) - "Distinctive and well-produced vocals in 'Allein' and 'Pink Souls' make those two stand out in a solid lineup … but all tracks very good, indeed."
Mark Mac (The Sounds Collective) - "Retro feel but with a clear and solid production."
Logan Fisher (Haules Baules) - "A versatile and always entertaining album. DJ Enne doesn't put a foot wrong throughout. Great release."

Available now from Beatport, iTunes, and Juno Download