Ursula 1000's Guilty Pleasure Disco Picks

To celebrate the release of "Blast Off!", Ursula 1000's disco-tastic collaboration with NYC's legendary Lady Bunny (the founder of Wigstock, no less), we decided to ask Mr. 1000 for his top three disco sleaze / cheese 'guilty pleasure' cuts. Break out a precariously low-hanging mirror ball, as he delivered these fabulous selections and commented on each:

Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip - "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper"

Ursula 1000: The main inspiration working on my "Blast Off!" track with Lady Bunny off my new album Voyeur was definitely the Hi-NRG sleazy electro disco of Sylvester and Patrick Cowley and of course synth stuff by Giorgio Moroder and even New Order. We were also channeling some of that campy outer space science fiction imagery and that can totally be heard on this fun romp by the one and only Sarah Brightman alongside dancers Hot Gossip!

Kroma - "Sexy Films"

Ursula 1000: "Sexy Films" by Kroma is a rarity. Definitely Italo-disco, but I can't seem to find more on this. I hear a little of that dead pan Gina X / Cristina of Ze Records style vocal which I'm a total sucker for and I had to have this. Love the "hahaha" bit...!

Maj Britt and The Suggestions - "Sorry Caller No One Home"

Ursula 1000: I have no idea who Maj Britt is. I thought maybe Britt Ekland …? I found this 45 in Vienna while on a DJ tour there … I went record hunting for '70s glam rock and came across this. This is one of those occasions where the title "Sorry Caller No One Home" won me over. You cue up the record and hope it's not a dud and BOOM – what a winner!

And while we're at it, let's have a listen to "Blast Off!" by Ursula 1000 featuring Lady Bunny: