Fede Zerdan - Low Boost EP (Cymawax)

Cymasonic's offshoot vinyl-only label returns with the enigmatic Argentinian artist Fede Zerdan contributing to Cymawax's second outing. Originally from Tucumán, but currently living in Barcelona, Zerdan has established himself as a member of the Discos Paradiso Crew. It's always the heads-down types that are the ones to watch out for and Zerdan exemplifies letting the music do the talking. So what is he saying with the Low Boost EP? Techno is unrivaled when it's at its most deep and immersive.

The first track, "PTN-SONG", features a full-bodied bass that chugs away over atmospheric sounds. Pads establish the mood and delayed notes on the keys mesmerize the listener. "New House" follows with a dubbed-out sci-fi techno experience, depending heavily on the chords and reverb drenched build-ups of LFO synth tension. Continuing the futurism, "One Live Jam" and its acid squelches sound like the distant ping of satellite computers, washed over by a multi-voiced synth wandering through space and time. Finally, "Low Boost" wraps the EP up with its most hypnotic effort hammering the message home. The layers and interplay of the synth tones bring to mind a deeper, slowed-down classic, but really -- it's a work all to its own.

A must have … this techno artifact was meant for wax.

Tensnake - "Nice atmospheric stuff."
Nick Warren - "Excellent release … I love al the tracks."
Colin Dale - "Original sounding … refreshingly different."
Mark Farina - "I dig it."
Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware Records) - "Good release, and 'PTN-Song' is very cool."
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "An amazing sound."
Jaymz Nylon - "'PTN-Song' is my favorite and I could just listen to it over and over again."
Linas Fresh Tee (Dubinsky / Drumpoet Community) - "Catchy grooves … this goes straight to my DJ bag."
Chris Fortier (Fade) - "These are so good."
Pablo Bolivar (AvantRoots / Seven Villas) - "I'm a big fan of Fede's music … this EP is ace."
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - "Absolutely wicked EP … faultless as deep, analog sounds go. Timeless, classic-sounding tech-edged deepness."
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit) - "Hypnotic and powerful sounds all around."
Vincent Kwok - "I love these dark tech beats."
Jarle Bråthen (Full Pupp) - "'One Live Jam' rocks."
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) - "Great raw sound across the whole EP … all cuts working well."
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - "The tech-soul infused 'New House' is a sure-fire late night bomb."

Available now on vinyl 12" from Red Eye Records, deejay.de, Decks Records, and Juno Records.