Ctrl_Alt_Dlt - The Universe Room EP (Innerflight Music)

Innerflight Music is pleased to present The Universe Room EP, the latest offering from Seattle-based, Detroit-bred DJ/producer Chris Aldrich aka Ctrl_Alt_Dlt. Originally influenced by the Detroit race scene of the late ’90s, Aldrich started DJ’ing in 2001 and naturally gravitated towards the midwest’s dark, stark style of techno. As he moved into production, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt was launched, introducing a house music influence to his techno background which reveals cerebral, psychedelic tracks wringing maximal power from minimal elements. Labels such as From 0–1, Peloton Muisque, and Mindshift Records have released past works, and Ctrl_Alt_Dlt has helped found Sweatbox, a strictly techno based productions crew who’ve spearheaded events featuring the likes of Mark Henning, Derek Plaslaiko, and Dan Bell.

The Universe Room EP merges the midwest’s dark and driving take on techno with the dubbed-out and heady influence of the northwest US scene. The title track thumps and pulsates with a low growl as its rhythmic vibrations and building synth textures help soundtrack sinister after hours endeavors. “Alone In Olympus” is a more melodic counterpoint, again featuring some distant, dark atmospherics, mixing them with a bendy synth line and lush layers of pads for a dreamy, deep affair. There are also a pair of remixes of “The Universe Room,” with the first coming from acclaimed Swedish producer Mikael Stavostrand (Force Inc, Clink, Dumb Unit) who offers a tight, deep tech-house rendition that is both spacious and driving. The second remix is care of Seattle’s Cyanwave, who are no strangers to followers of Innerflight Music. The duo rework “The Universe Room” into an eleven minute techno opus, that grinds and grooves with a brainy confidence that will be welcome on the more discerning late night dance floors.

Stacey Pullen - “The Mikael Stävorstrand remix is cool.”
Dubfire (Sci + Tec, Deep Dish) - “Good remix from Mikael Stävorstrand.”
Chris Fortier - “The Mikael Stävorstrand and Cyanwave mixes … yes.”
Summer (Tulipa Recordings) - “The Cyanwave remix is fantastic.”
Xpansul - “The Mikael Stävorstrand remix is huge.”
Will Sumsuch (Deepwit) - “I’m really feeling this EP. It’s truly atmospheric, interesting, and genre-defying stuff. The Cyanwave mix is hypnotic to the point of being addictive. And ‘Alone in Olympus’ is absolutely beautiful when the strings kick in. I like it a lot!”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) - “This entire EP is haunting and deep. Thanks for going there!”
Tini Tun - “Great release! The Mikael Stävorstrand remix for me.”
Louk (Compulzion, Druck) - “Yeah … this is wicked!”
Deepinradio - “Techno attitude with a touch of beat. Special.”
[sic] (mu-sic, Aux Technology) - “Some really nice textures in this pack. The original is a great catalyst but the Cyanwave Remix does it for me … it’s just got that harder edge. ‘Alone in Olympus’ provides some luxurious late night vibes.”

Available now from Beatport.