Sandman + Riverside feat. Kymberli Wright - Play Wit You EP (FastFWD)

The dynamic duo of Sandman & Riverside are at it again as the FastFWD label unleashes its eleventh release. Their Play Wit You EP is chock full of sexy house funk with top notch remixes from a couple of house music’s influential tastemakers, Ron Trent and DJ Minx. The EP contains three originals featuring vocalist Kymberli Wright, all layered with drumbeats and synthesizers of varying timbres to take the listener on a whimsical journey … all cuts are bonafide galactic head nodders.

First introduced to the house world via the Defected label, Kymberli Wright’s soulful vocals gained notice throughout Detroit and beyond through her contribution to all-female jazz band Straight Ahead as well as having worked alongside such noted artists as Mary J. Blige and George Clinton. The first track with Sandman & Riverside is “Play Wit You,” a Detroit-flavored gem filled with popping drum machine percussion, dueling synth melodies, and Wright’s irresistible vocal hooks on top. “PopTune” is next, offering an enticing throwback to club music of the late ‘80s within some powerful beats. Add Ms. Wright’s wonderful vocal lines and this cut takes on the feel of Human League meets Shannon. The third track on the EP is “SuperSonic,” not to be confused with the classic JJ Fad ditty, though it’s not too far off. Sandman & Riverside’s funk production backs the swirling, processed, and synthesized vocal phrases and outer space vibes. A pared-down Dub of this appealing track is also available.

On the remix tip, the Prescription Records’ legendary Ron Trent reveals a hypnotic ten minute revision of “Play Wit You” that merges sensual loops and vocal effects into the soundtrack to a dark dance floor full of bodies in motion. It’s a lofter’s dream. Detroit’s DJ Minx (Women On Wax) offers her vocal and instrumental Queen Beats versions which satisfy through booming low end, solid late night rhythms, and building, melodic chords. It’ll have folks in the club grooving with drinks high in the air.

Ashley Beedle - “Definitely the Ron Trent remix for me. Wicked. Big support.”
Graeme Park - “This is a wonderful way to start the new year.”
Abicah Soul - “DJ Minx Queen Beats mix is my pick.”
Gene Hunt - “Nice and sexy.”
Hippie Torrales - “Nice production and groove on the DJ Minx mix.”
Robert Owens - “‘Play Wit You’ original … great mix.”
Master Kev - “Very nice remixes by Minx and Ron Trent. I will definitely play both.”
Franco De Mulero (Kings of Groove / Pacha) - “Massive support on this from me.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “Ron Trent takes it deeper! The dub of ‘Supersonic’ is sounding hot, also.”
Gareth Morgan (Blues & Soul Magazine) - “I must admit I was very surprised how much this track grabbed me. The DJ Minx Queen Beats mix has very MURK-esque percussion whilst building a lovely groove that keeps me listening. Mr Trent adds his trademark deepness and this is another mix I really like.”
Michael Fossati (Spirit Of House) - “The paramount remix by Ron Trent has ‘timeless’ written all over.”

Available now from Traxsource.