Eternal City feat. Orlando Johnson - Come Back To Me (Hadogy Records)

Hadogy Records is a new label spearheaded by renowned Italian DJ Haldo. Haldo has a lengthy production resumé, contributing top tracks and remixes to the likes of Transport Recordings, Conya, Adaptation Music, and his own Proceed Records. With this debut release on Hadogy, Haldo joins fellow Italian DJ Gianni Sponti and musician Dom Scuteri to form Eternal City. Their individual experiences on the scene are impressive: Dom created Lemon Records in the 80’s and had chart success with his Black Connection and Time Passing projects, Gianni is an accomplished DJ and supervisor for various compilations including the La Maison series, and Haldo has been prolifically working with some of house music’s best, including remixes for legendary names like Tony Humphries and Victor Simonelli.

The track “Come Back To Me" features the vocals of a legend in his own right, Orlando Johnson. Orlando has been producing and singing on classic records since the late 70’s and is an integral player in Italian dance music history. “Come Back To Me” is presented here in multiple versions, all which excel in part due to Orlando’s powerful, soulful vocals. All of the Eternal City members contribute: Haldo supplies a charged, kinetic dance floor version, Mod Floor (AKA Dom Scuteri) gives the track a pulsing, big room flavor with transformed and effected vocals, and Gianni Sponti provides a deep, dark bump with tribal percussive elements in his mix. In addition, DJ Rey Pedroso, who began spinning disco records in the late 70’s and is a member of Orchestra Industrial Automatica, remixes “Come Back To Me” into a sparse, strictly after-hours track with a slinky low-end and a solid, deep dance floor drive. The most striking version, however, comes courtesy of Philip G. (AKA Philip Greenwill), a Rome-based producer obsessed with Detroit’s Tamla-Motown sound. Philip G.’s version lovingly embraces this retro sound, transforming “Come Back To Me” into a 60’s soul stomper worthy of The T.A.M.I. Show. All in all, it’s an impressive debut for Hadogy Records and certainly whets the appetite for things to come.

Graeme Park - “This is just absolutely wonderful. Highly infectious too. I love it so much that it’s getting a rare 5 stars from me. Superb!”
DJ Craig C (Pound Boys) - “Solid package! Best soulful house release I’ve heard in a long time. Well done!”
Grant Nelson - “Sexy!”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “The Gianni Sponti Remix … dreamy sounds and a heavy shaking bass line.”
Eddy Spirit (Spirit Crew) - “A thrilling afro-deep production built around percussive tribal-esque rhythms and heavenly synth melodies. Together with the spell binding vocals these create a hypnotizing feel.”
Edground (Grooveland Music) - “Ah! High music quality here. Love the new vibes and groove from Haldo.”
Stefan Popovic (DiscoTone Radio Show) - “Sponti’s remix is a liquid driver. Hypnosis is peaking in Pedroso’s version.”
Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance blog) - “Quality soulful vibes and a good range of mixes.”
Dacha (DeepLink blog) - “Haldo’s version works best for me, deep and spiced with tech sound, but the vocal is still the leader!”
Dino Michael (Godfathers Of House radio show) - “Holy crap this is killer! WOW! I can’t wait to play this … it’s gonna be huge for me on my show and in the clubs.”

Additional support from Marques Wyatt, Benji Candelario, Hippie Torrales, DJ Pope, Doc Link, and Vincent Kwok.

Available now from Juno Download and Traxsource.