Stereo 77 - Ricanstructions EP (Plimsoll Records)

Plimsoll Records is a vinyl-only label created in 2009 as on off-shoot of the highly popular Shoes Edit imprint. Plimsoll specializes in classic tracks rebuilt for futuristically funky dance floors via disco, soul, house, dub, and Afro-Latin rhythms. Space Ranger, Onur Engin, and Kompleks are among those who have contributed to past releases, and this latest issue welcomes the addition of Florida’s rising beat-slinger Stereo 77.

Stereo 77 sprouted forth from central Florida’s vibrant electronic music scene in 1998, launching his popular Filtered Sunshine radio show on broadcast FM in 2004 (and it still goes on today). In the past few years he’s become a prolific rhythm scientist, with previous, well-received EPs on Research Deluxe and remixes for the likes of Tal M. Klein, Empresarios, Quincy Jointz, and Colors Sound System. Stereo 77’s sound is a heavy mix of salsa, Latin funk, and Miami bass influences honed and primed for underground nightclub speakers.

Stereo 77’s Ricanstructions EP is a five track selection based on his self-monikered ‘ricanstruction’ process of remixing. It’s a personal collection of tracks representing Stereo 77’s adoration for the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Puerto Rican salsa and bomba that he grew up listening to, sonically laced with elements of dub, samba, mid-tempo beats, and live instrumentation. The EP’s five tracks make up a building exploration of exotic beats, featuring the Afro-Cuban jazz meets Balearica of “Mi Camino,” “Como Un Payaso" and its combination of Bolero Montuno with a haunting chant based on the Santeria religion, and "Alegria,” which harks back to early Mo’ Wax and Ninja Tune efforts with its heavy vibe, samba vocals, and mashed up elements of Latin funk and disco. Stereo 77’s Ricanstructions EP is indeed a stunning collection of songs destined to turn heads and move feet.

Ohmega Watts - “I love all the joints here as they capture a bit of a straight dance-floor latin vibe, along with breakbeat/hip-hop elements on the drum side of a few tracks. Great work and hats off to Stereo 77.”
All Good Funk Alliance - “Cool jams that will most definitely get some rub.”
Ashley Beedle - “A great EP. Something different! Big support from me.”
Tal M. Klein (Aniligital Music) - “A wonderful release with truly original sounds. My favorite release of the year so far!”
Danny Massure (Spring Strut) - “It’s hard to choose a favorite. They’re all fantastic tracks, as you would expect from Stereo 77.”
Phat Phil Cooper - “A great package… summer vibes a plenty on these tracks.”
Chris Coco (Melodica) - ” Really nice funky stuff here. Great vibes, perfect for the sunny times.”
Psychemagik - “Dope chunky beats and psych-ey Latin tinged breaks, what’s not to like?”
Nickodemus (Turntables On The Hudson) - “Fantastico!”

Also supported by Kid Loco, Rainer Trueby, Tim “Love” Lee, Sleazy McQueen, Faze Action, Makossa & Megablast, Rune Lindbæk, Recloose, Gavin Hardkiss, and Quincy Jointz.

Available now from Groovedis and Juno Records.