Stéphane Vera - Peppermint Funk EP (nice+smooth ultramedia)

Toronto label nice+smooth ultramedia are pleased to introduce a slice of manic, futuristic funkiness with Stéphane Vera's deliciously slinky “Peppermint Funk.” Although he’s never said it outright, Stéphane could be a musical genius, a modest one, whose pioneering work has made significant contributions to the expansive world of future music and sound science. His intelligent insight and years of experience in musical experimentation and production could fill pages, not posts. Highlights of his activities include being lead composer at computational music company waveDNA, scoring music for the Emoti-chair, a device that allows the deaf to experience music, and creating ringtones and music for Microsoft. Stéphane has also collaborated with the likes of ill.Gates & Si Begg, Peter Primiani (83 West), jazz great Laila Biali, Roy Davis Jr., and DJ Romain on various recordings. His sound is that of an electronic music you can’t quite put your finger on, such as afro-funk over a glitchy beat to effervescent house teased with trip hop.

"Peppermint Funk" is taken from Stéphane Vera’s upcoming nice+smooth album Sacred Geometry. The cut is a frenetic combination of high-octane beats and bass lines underneath pulsing synths and analog melody. The track evolves and changes throughout its seven minutes, revealing many layers and parts that should please the most ADD of DJs (ADDJs?). But, most importantly, it is undeniably funky and should send dance floors into chaotic fits.

Another upcoming album cut, “Rebuild,” also appears but as remixed by Berlin-based producer Noah Pred. Noah’s released with Cynosure, Trapez LTD, Highgrade, and his own Thoughtless imprint and is definitely making waves. His “Rebuild” rework is a creeping techno boiler, consisting of well-placed rhythms, a hypnotic bass bounce, squelchy melodies, and a funky swell. It’s masterful late night fodder. Finally, “Peppermint Funk” returns, this time in the capable hands of Si Begg. A well-known producer of intricate and highly rhythmic ‘bass music,’ Si Begg has released acclaimed tunes for the likes of NovaMute, Noodles Recordings, and Addictech Records. His superb version of “Peppermint Funk” is pure space-age jazz funk, filled with rolling keys, speed freak beats, and sounding sort of like a high-tech Lonnie Linston Smith.

Ashley Beedle - “The original mix is real cool and the Si Begg mix is amazing. Super space music!”
Jaymz Nylon - “Nice blend of funk, techno and jazz that will easily translate to a deep house dance floor.”
Deepchild - “Trust Noah Pred to preach the truth …”
Inland Knights - “‘Peppermint Funk’ is fun!”
DJ Rocca (Ajello) - “Welcome back, Si Begg!”
Orde Meikle (Slam) - “Strong release. I’m loving Noah’s productions and this remix … big fan, will spin.”
Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic) - “Soulful, upbeat, innovative … love it.”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - “I’m always a fan of Si Begg’s twisted funk.”
Rodion (Gomma) - ” I like the moody psychic after hours feel of the Noah Pred remix.”
DJ Morpheus (Lysergic Factory) - “The original is excellent and the Si Begg remix is a mighty floor monster!”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM) - “I can’t resist this futuristic space jazz funk sound. This is the kind of techno that melts perfectly with jazz and soul. Love it.”

Available now from Juno Download, iTunes, and Amazon