Christy Love - Euphoria EP (Get Up Recordings)

Next up from Get Up Recordings is the Euphoria EP from label owner Christy Love. The package includes two original tracks and a remix of the title track by fellow NYC DJ / producer Michael Magnan.

Christy Love has been immersed in the house music scene for more than two decades and is one of the most sought-after DJs in NYC because she consistently destroys dance floors all over the city and beyond. Her distinct sets are comprised of a clever mixture of classic and modern house bursting with driving tech beats and funky bass lines … she plays a pivotal role in defining the current underground sound of New York. This DJ prowess, combined with her individual production work – in addition to her work as House of Stank with long-time collaborator W. Jeremy and the success of their label Get Up Recordings – has transformed Christy into a house music triple threat. “Euphoria” is a funky tech-house groove, filled with Christy’s signature driving drums, a deep and dark bass line, dubbed-out vocal cuts, and reflective key stabs that build into a classic hypnotic rhythm.

Remix duties come courtesy of fellow NYC DJ and producer Michael Magnan. If you live in New York City and dwell amongst the downtown music / fashion scene, chances are you’ve heard of Michael. This artist has been turning out parties for what seems like ages and infusing hit songs with his signature brand of musical swag. He is also one-half of the DJ / production duo Fatherhood along with Physical Therapy. His take on “Euphoria” features runway-inspired sub bass driven beats, oozing with layered percussion.

The second original track is the melodic and trippy “Raki”, a bass and percussion-heavy house jam with minimal musical elements that packs a powerful dance floor punch. Let it take you on a journey.

Dean Facer (Resident Advisor / OurHouse Magazine) – “Thoroughly classy! Really liking the vibe throughout.”
DJ P-Rez (Not So Fast Records) – “A lot of really cool elements on this release. I'm really diggin' Christy's work here!”
Severino (HorseMeatDisco) – “Yes! Love this.”
Kid Enigma (Great Lakes Audio) – “Great stuff.”
DJ Craig C (Peace Bisquit) – “Diggin’ that underground vibe.”
Snooba (Radio Panik) – “Great Basslines & Melodies.”
Randy Schlager – (KNHC 89.5 FM) – “Love the creativity and unique elements sprinkled throughout her productions.”
Kadabra (The House Hookup Radio Show) – “Bangin’! Raki is dope.”
HighTower ( music blog) – “Nice EP. For today, Raki is the winner. Full support.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM 95) – “Love the deep and metallic funk of Raki. Loving it’s hypnotic bass and keys.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.

Lil' Mark - Plan B EP (Get Up Recordings)

Get Up Recordings continues to establish itself as purveyors of fine underground house music with the Plan B EP from veteran UK DJ and producer Lil’ Mark. The release contains two original tracks, “Blue” and “Bipolar”, each with accompanying remixes from Justin Harris and House of Stank.

Lil’ Mark is no stranger to Get Up Recordings, having remixed Alinka’s track “Reaching’’ for her Basic EP earlier this year. On Plan B, he is back in action with his signature pumping deep house and smooth production work. A taste of the Chicago house sound can be heard here as Mark has a deep connection with the city after living and touring with Derrick Carter in 1997. Mark’s bumpin’ style can also be heard on releases from Classic Music Co., MFF, Bump, Viva Recordings, and Hot Waves.

On the first track, “Blue”, Lil’ Mark’s tech house groove is catchy in the way that the melody becomes the hummable ‘lyrics’ while the bass and beat provide the backbone. The remix for this track comes from none other than the amazing Justin Harris. The two have been working on projects together for some time now with collaborations on labels such as Viva Recordings and Pin Up Recordings. Like Lil’ Mark, Justin has an illustrious history in the UK house scene, both as a producer and as a DJ. His most renowned work has been with Luke Solomon for the past 17 years on the Freaks projects, with releases on Perlon, Playhouse, International Deejay Gigolo, Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels, and of course, the legendary Music For Freaks (MFF) and Classic Recordings. Here he takes “Blue” deeper, adding a disco sample that builds up and then takes it back down even further into the depths of smoothness.

The second track, “Bipolar”, is a bit more of a freeform, fun, and trippy tech house jam. As with “Blue”, one can hear his mastery of orchestration and how he uses bleeps and turns them into swinging grooves to accompany the bass and melody. Get Up Recordings label owners Christy Love and W. Jeremy, a.k.a. House of Stank, give “Bipolar” their quality remix formula: one part drums, one part melody, and one part bass that equal all energy. They take Lil’ Mark’s bass line and make it the melody, and they take his melody and make it the bass line, resulting in a track that -- while still in the same vein as the original -- is unique enough to stand on its own.

Mark Farina - “Hot!”
DJ Sneak - “Nice EP … solid all around.”
DJ Heather - “As per usual, great stuff from Lil' Mark. Great remixes as well!”
Johnny Fiasco - "I dig it!"
Giom - “The Justin Harris remix is the one for me.”
Christian Martin (Dirtybird / Anabatic) - “'Blue' is so badass.”
Larry Fives (Inland Knights / Drop Music) - “All round goodness.”
Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy / Large Music) - “All about Justin Harris’ version on this one - hypnotica at its finest!”
Carlos Sanchez (La Vie En Rose / Supernature) - “The ‘Blue’ original and Justin Harris remix are dope!”
Alinka (Classic Music Co. / Tribal) - “Love the whole release, great work!”
Randall Jones (Audio Therapy / Baroque) - “Sick tunes right here ... quality as usual.”
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings) - “Both versions of ‘Blue’ are fantastic! Lovely groove on the original mix and Justin Harris squares it pretty good too.”
Marcia Carr (Mi-Soul Radio / Ladyz) - “I like the mix of analogue keys with funky effects over the bass line on 'Bipolar' - that House of Stank remix is a corker, it will keep the floors a-movin’.”
Chris Harris (Tronicsole / Nordic Trax) - “Loving the two original mixes ... quality house music from Lil' Mark!”
Tee Cardaci (Low Down Grooves / Sine Qua Non) - "I can hear Chicago from across the pond …solid!"
DJ P-Rez (Not So Fast Records) - “Loving the little 303 line in the House of Stank remix of ‘Bipolar.’”
Michael Stukes (WHR 90.3FM, New York) - “Too funky in here!”
Sam Hopkins (AccuRadio, Chicago) - “Both originals are stellar, but the remixes shine! Justin Harris' mix adds some nice bass weight and the House of Stank mix of ‘Bipolar’ does the same.”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.

Christy Love - Popcorn EP (Get Up Recordings)

The latest release from Get Up Recordings comes from label co-owner Christy Love. The Popcorn EP contains two original dance floor killers, “B.W.F.A.” and “Popcorn”, with remixes of “B.W.F.A.” from Chicago’s John Mörk and L.A.’s Sharper Image.

Christy Love has been immersed in the house music scene for more than two decades and is one of the most sought-after DJs in NYC as she consistently destroys dance floors all over the city and beyond. Her distinct sets comprise of a clever mixture of classic and modern house bursting with driving beats and funky bass lines; she plays a pivotal role in defining the current underground sound of New York. This DJ prowess, combined with her production work as House of Stank with long-time collaborator, W. Jeremy, and the success of their label, Get Up Recordings, has transformed Christy into a house music triple threat. In 2013, she ventured into solo territory with “I’m Goin’ Under”, a classic underground house monster featuring a guest vocal by the world-renowned Mistress of Ceremonies and Scissor Sisters front-woman Ana Matronic. This single was also released on Get Up Recordings.

The first original track off the EP, “B.W.F.A.”, comes straight out of the gate with an infectious groove that lays the groundwork for the rest of the track, including the commanding melodic trumpet. The rhythm of the track bounces hypnotically, automatically causing hands to propel into the air, while the slow undulating build of the break makes one want to plant their feet back on the ground to stomp some more. The first remix comes from Chicago’s own John Mörk. Mörk, who was one half of The Sound Republic in the mid 2000s with releases on Guesthouse and Dae Recordings, now produces on his own and has remixed for Midnight Magic, The New Division, Speck Mountain, Change Request, and Goldroom. He has released music on Nu Jax Music, Seasons Recordings, Plus Plus, and his own label, NBD Music Company. Mörk’s remix of “B.W.F.A.” features his signature bouncy house style, giving it that extra Chicago house rhythm. The second remix of “B.W.F.A.” comes from Sharper Image. Already part of the Get Up Recordings family with their remix of Mikey V’s “Feenin’”, the L.A. duo showcase their superb remixing abilities here by taking a different approach, creating the perfect happy summer house track with a beautiful nu disco edge.

The second original track is a quirky yet subtle b-side banger. “Popcorn” is a stripped down, bass and percussion heavy track with only a few musical elements that pack a powerful dance floor punch.

With this being the 27th release for the label, Get Up Recordings is definitely keeping the underground house scene poppin’.

DJ Heather - “I love Christy Love and this EP. The Sharper Image rework is quite nice.”
Hippie Torrales - “Nice mix from Sharper Image.”
Vanilla Ace (OFF Recordings / Bunny Tiger) - “The original and Sharper Image mixes are best and ‘Popcorn’ is cool take on a classic.”
Robbie Hardkiss - “The Sharper Image Remix takes me back to ‘91!“
Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Fabric) - ”Cool vibes. All three versions of ‘B.W.F.A.’ are great … the original in particular is really strong.“
Thomas White (Natural Rhythm) - ”The John Mörk remix is for real … full support!“
Aldrin (Zouk Club / One With Music) - ”I’m digging Sharper Image’s nu-disco-ish remix.“
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - ”Stand up mixes … wall shakers.“
Corduroy Mavericks (Drop Music / Coyote Cuts) - ”Tough call between the John Mörk remix and ‘Popcorn’ … great release.“
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch / Mega Jawns) - ”The Sharper Image remix is tasty!“
Nick Jagger (Night Regulation NYC) - ”‘Popcorn’ is pretty hot.“
Louis Hughes (6th Sense Music) - ”Some nice deep jackin’ house. I like the three mixes of ‘B.W.F.A.’ with the Sharper Image mix being my favorite.”
Niksa Dragolin (Eurostar Radio, Croatia) - “Super housey burner … great summer madness stuff.”
Javier Varez (Alma Soul Music) - “Sharper Image made a great remix … support!”
Myxzlplix (Subdivisions Global Radio Show) - “I love the jaunty vibe and tones. Yes, I said jaunty. Supporting 100%. Raising a glass to Christy Love, well done.”

Available now from Beatport and Amazon.

Eli Escobar - Body EP (Get Up Recordings)

Get Up Recordings is back once again, this time with a double A-side release from fellow NYC DJ/producer Eli Escobar. Eli has surfaced as one of the most exciting talents on the dance music scene. Well-known for his remixes of artists like Diplo, M.I.A., Chromeo, and Nacho Lovers, he also has original releases on Nurvous Records, Plant Music, and Wurst. Eli manages to combine all of his musical influences – New York disco, ’80s hip-hop, and new wave – into flawless productions that feed the imagination, touch the heart, and move the feet. The Body EP features two original tracks and two house remixes for “Anotha Luv” coming from NYC’s House of Stank and Chicago’s Alinka.

The EP kicks off with the ’80s acid house inspired track “Anotha Luv”, jam-packed with diva vocals and classic melodic synth pads. Chicago DJ/producer Alinka, known for her highly-regarded collaborations with fellow Chicagoan Shaun J. Wright, takes a solo swing at “Anotha Luv” and knocks it out of the park with an early Chicago acid house remix. NYC production team House of Stank (DJs Christy Love and W. Jeremy) give “Anotha Luv” the NY house treatment, complete with stacked key hits and a thumping bass line.

The EP closes out with “Body.” With its hypnotic keys and building acid line, the track sounds like it came straight out of a vault of early ’90s NY house classics.

Another fantastic package from Get Up Recordings, this EP is perfect for the classic house heads.

Brett Johnson - “FIRE!”
Hard Ton (Gigolo / Permanent Vacation) - “Cool tracks … I luv ’em. All versions feel good to me, with Alinka’s remix being the first on my list.”
Vanilla Ace - “‘Body’ is dope.”
Chris Fortier - “I always dig what Eli Escobar does.”
Claudio Coccoluto - “Nice package!”
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - “I like the acid and the old school vibes in this EP … quality stuff.”
Joey Silvero (Distant People) - “The House of Stank remix … nice acid vibe, cool percussive elements, and driving groove.”
Louis Hughes (6th Sense Music) - “Solid house music for the funky floors. The Alinka mix is tops. Oh … and ‘Aceeeiiiidddd!’”
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook) - “Rocking this … all mixes are hot!”
Bogdan Taran (Dance Box) - “Very old school, energetic, and filled with raw energy.”
mr. mack (Ascension Radio Show, Spain) - “Yeah, I can go for that ’88 vibe.”
Myxzlplix (Subdivisions Global) - “Sweet and chunky goodness from Eli Escobar … sure to set some dance floors on fire.”
Joan Ribas (Ibiza Soulstice Music / Cafe del Mar) - “Excellent cool old skool house grooves.”
SimonG (Deep South Audio) - “Sweet beats that will bounce this summer.”

Available now from Beatport and Stompy.