The Funk District - Robot Soul (Whiskey Pickle)

Just in time for pool party season comes the latest endeavor from Cancun-based producer The Funk District. Riding a cool, summery breeze straight out of the Yucatan is “Robot Soul”, a super-groovy affair that features remixes from Richard Seaborne (Midnight Riot!) and Hotbox plus a B-side offering in the form of “Right To Humanity”. With previous releases by The Funk District on trusted imprints like Editorial Records, Paper Disco, and Deep Sense, Whiskey Pickle are proud to welcome this budding talent to the fold.

Kicking things off, The Funk District gets things nice and warm with his original take on “Robot Soul”, relying on smooth organ pads, delayed guitar riffs, and a silky bass line. Richard Seaborne’s remix amps up the tempo and adds some funky flute riffs and a mean Moog bass while Hotbox’s dub remix is stripped down and hypnotic. Closing up the shop is the equally funky “Right To Humanity”, a perfect pairing to the lead cut with its fluid guitar riffs, vocoder vox, and cheeky vinyl cracklings.

Graeme Park - "The main mix and dub of 'Robot Soul' are deliciously wonderful. 'Right To Humanity' rocks, too. Big up the Whiskey Pickle posse … another winner!"
Tensnake - "Nice original versions here."
Vanilla Ace - "The Hotbox Dub and 'Right To Humanity' for me."
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "Lovely."
Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings) - "Great release, and Richard Seaborne never misses."
Jaymz Nylon - "I'm feeling the disco-funk of 'Right To Humanity'."
Irregular Disco Workers (Disco Volante) - "The Hotbox Dub brings us directly to the beach."
Ilya Santana (Eskimo Recordings) - "'Right To Humanity' for me … nice mood!"
Tad Wily (Retrofit / Mullet Records) - "Great stuff … the Hotbox Dub really hits the spot."
Ron Basejam (Crazy P / Redux) - "Hotbox's low key tracky vibe for me!"
Tony D'Onghia (Radio Koper-Capodistria) - "Great vibes … and now let the summertime in!"
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - "Richard Seaborne’s uplifting remix makes some real noise in the house … an exotic, wicked track full of summer effects. Floor filler."
Dave Mayer (Strictly Rhythm / Hardsoul) - "The Hotbox Dub is perfect for my summer residency at the beach."
Sista Stroke (5 Magazine / Freak Freely) - "Woah! 'Robot Soul', where have you been all my month! Hot release ... we'll take more of this, please."
SimonG (Deep South Audio) - "Slinky sexy summery sounds … I have to say Richard Seaborne’s mix is so upbeat you just got to get a wiggle on."

Available now from Beatport, Juno Download, and iTunes.

Everyone But None - Earth and Wind (bodytalk)

Playa Del Carmen-based Everyone But None delivers the bodytalk label's third release with Earth and Wind, an EP featuring three original house music cuts. "Earth and Wind" kicks things off with a deep, sultry, and classic-sounding house melody and a mesmerizing break, perfect for a calm Sunday afternoon. "Everything Making Sense" takes a different direction with its sleazy bass line and ghostly desire-filled vocals -- a sure hit for the portion of the night best suited to slow-mo sounds. "Just Dance", the dirtiest of the three, comes loaded with a kick that will resonate through any sound-system and a tripped out vocal menacingly leaving no option but to do as the title commands. Finally, what would a release be without a little help from friends? Label honcho Rey Aguilar lends his seasoned technique to remixing "Earth and Wind". The Aguilar style is all over this one with energetic drums moving the track in a forward motion and a chugging peak time groove topped by piano stabs. The release reminds once again that the relatively young bodytalk label does not disappoint.

Chris Fortier (Fade / Mindwarp) - "Good stuff!"
Scheibosan (Shanti Roots / FM4) - "'Just Dance' is fat! Nice one."
Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings) - "Nice groovy EP! I'm loving the deep vibes on 'Everything Making Sense'."
Hippie Torrales - "Some nice aggression on 'Just Dance'."
Norbert Borchers (House Sound of Hamburg) - "The Rey Aguilar remix of 'Earth and Wind' rocks!"
Myxzlplix (Subdivisions Global) - "Perfect for those late nite adventures."
Eric Davenport (Guesthouse) - "Solid spacey house music. 'Just Dance' is particularly nice."
Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle) - "'Earth and Wind' is a beautiful piece of music."
Sam Hopkins (AccuRadio, Chicago) - "'Earth and Wind' and 'Everything Makes Sense' are both lovely tracks, and Rey Aguilar's beefed up remix is dope."
Bobi (City Radio 94.7 FM, Macedonia) - "Deep, smooth, mellow, and well produced."
Marcia Carr (Mi-Soul Radio / Ladyz) - "Effective deeper grooves to fortify late night dance floor vibes. The disco-bass-thrill of Rey Aguilar's remix is fierce."
DJ eMe (Tunnel FM / Deep & Deeper) - "Dope tunes here, especially 'Everything Making Sense' … I will absolutely support."
DJ Deeka (Radioactive FM, New Zealand) - "'Earth and Wind' is so good … hypnotizing vox and rich bass line, couldn't ask for more. I like the deep vibe of 'Everything Making Sense', too."
Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes Radio Show, NYC) - "Earth quaking and body shaking!"
Michael Fossati (Spirit of House) - "A gorgeous slice of old school infused deepness."

Available now from Beatport.

Sr Mandril - Remixed Vol. 2 (Three Sixty Tunes)

“Sr Mandril have a goal: merge electro elements with thoroughly live guitar, bass, keys and percussion. The payoff: a crossbreed of acid jazz, ambient, lounge, trip hop and house with latin rhythm and flair. This is the sound of Mexico right now.” - Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

Sr Mandril was born in 2000 when Germán González and Ramsés Ramírez decided to merge their musical ideas. The resulting sound was electronic undertones mixed with organic instruments creating a sonic image of colors, sounds and influences that go from indie-dance to acid jazz and ambient all with that Latin feel. Sr. Mandril spend a lot of time on the road playing live at various festivals and venues around South America. This release from Three Sixty Tunes, the new dance floor division of veteran San Francisco leftfield imprint Three Sixty Records, showcases a diverse set of remixes of tracks from this exciting Latin American electronic act.

Two exquisite original tunes are found in this set, both featuring the vocals of Isabelle Malchionni and the intricate multi-instrumentation of the band. The rollicking “So Simple” opens with a carnival-like organ motif and a two-step breakbeat rhythm before falling head on into a flurry of wah-wah guitar, horn stabs, latin percussion, and Isabelle’s playful vocals. “Reino De La Luna” is, as its title might hint, a dreamy, Balearic style track with a floating feel, lovely, emotive vocals, spacious guitar and saxophone riffs, and a powerful crescendo. This track has been masterfully remixed by Three Sixty’s in-house maestro Darkhorse, who has an extensive discography on not only Three Sixty but also classic labels like Tummy Touch, Pussyfoot, and Ubiquity. His “Reino De La Luna” lovingly brings out the dubby aspects of the track, placing them on top of a groovy four-on-the-floor rhythm and adding a healthy dose of treatments and effects. This cut is Balearic bliss and is arriving just in time to close out the summer. Also in play are two remixes of the aforementioned “So Simple,” with the first courtesy of the legendary Chris Coco. In between his Melodica radio show and promoting his new Freedom Street album on Melodica Recordings, Chris found the time to assemble an expansive, cinematic downtempo re-work that throbs and glistens. Isabelle becomes a torch song chanteuse in Chris’ world, accompanied by muted trumpet and big, bold string pads. Lovely. Finally, Florida’s imprisoned wizard Q-Burns Abstract Message takes the reigns of “So Simple” for a rhythm-heavy remix that harks back to the breaky tunes from the 90’s he used to spin in the back room at the renowned Phat N’ Jazzy club night. It’s dance floor funk with a classic sound, complimenting Sr Mandril’s original with class and flair. Five eclectic, quality cuts and another brilliant package from Three Sixty … enjoy!

Tim “Love” Lee (Tummy Touch) - “Love it. Perfect for the summer.”
Kid Loco - “The Darkhorse Remix is my thing, and the Q-Burns Abstract Message remix is great, too.”
The Glimmers - “The Q-Burns Abstract Message mix is a nice groover … will try it out this weekend.”
Robbie Hardkiss - “The Darkhorse mix feels like I’m driving to the beachfront poolside lounge where the Q-Burns Abstract Message remix makes me want to order a fruity rum cocktail from a bar tending panda, while I splash and dance until the Chris Coco remix puts me in bed with a friend.”
Irregular Disco Workers - “Chris Coco’s remix is amazing!”
Djuma Soundsystem - “The Q-man’s still got it!”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “The Darkhorse remix is my favorite.”
Phat Phil Cooper - “Chris Coco mix is nice… will play and say!”
Stereo 77 - “Both Darkhorse and Q-Burns Abstract Message deliver perfect summertime jams!”
Jota Wagner (Colors Sound System) - “Exquisite … let the sunshine in!”
Andy Wilson (Ibiza Sonica FM / Balearica) - “A nice packages. All the remixes are good, and the originals are strong as well.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Cool sounds on this release and some lovely textures on the cuts. ‘Reino De La Luna’ is really gorgeous. Then Q-Burns Abstract Message again turns in a superb, percussive vibe. I’m really digging that.”
DJ Nelson (Power FM, Dublin) - “Cool release. The Darkhorse Remix of ‘Reino de la Luna’ is great. The track takes you on a cool journey with the guitar and dubbed style delay/echo effects. Great job.”
Matthias Kirsch (JazzRadio 106.8 FM, Berlin) - “Both remixes of ‘So Simple’ are a great mixture of laid-back lounge combined with some jazzy elements. Just brilliant.”
Jamie Topham (CDPool / Summer Soulstice) - “Eclectic fusion of the electronic and the balearic on this Sr Mandril release. Fairly strong productions throughout, with Chris Coco’s exquisite remix ‘So Simple’ and the Q-Burns Abstract Message funk/jazz-infused workout of the same track as the stand out moments here.”
Pepe Link (Insel Radio) - “The perfect soundtrack for a Balearic sundown.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.