Onium & Ivan Torres - Dub Excursions (Harmonious Discord)

As winter lingers longer than expected, waves of indecisive weather permeate the planet. The Harmonious Discord camp is picking up on deep connotations distilled in dreary afternoons. It’s a perfect time to revisit some of the label’s dub-minded artists with a special collaboration called Dub Excursions. Dub Excursions features label familiar Onium as well as two rising stars in the expansive dub techno arena, Ivan Torres and James Kelley.

Onium’s “Intentions” is a breathing invitation to rise. Artifacts of ambient works and eco-botanal shades temper organic dub influences with expressive synthesizer design. Cascading momentum drives this pensive powerhouse to a floaty array of melodic bliss. Next, “Perceptions” compliments “Intentions” as that selection set the path and “Perceptions” moves things deeper. The soundscape is filled with vinyl remnants and complex pads, but the other elements bring a more aggressive techno flavor to the later sections.

Dub 7,” the EP’s first cut from Ivan Torres, cracks a smile in this rather serious project. It begins with evolving pads and a muted, dusty drum machine. The cut starts to open up in the middle with brushes of melodic leads that dance in-between the lush soundscapes. Its successor “Dub 8” is a good order sharper. Driving interstellar melodies and tense bass deliver on the dance-floor presence of Ivan’s contribution. Expect more from Ivan to come on Harmonious Discord.

On the remix tip, longtime Dallas-based sleeper sensation James Kelley (Subspec/Momentum League) drives the subtle but tense properties of “Intentions” into a skin-crawling warehouse techno piece. The once calming breaths now breed uncertainty as James layers on heady atmospheres. James gives us a crippling bass-bin workout for the after hours.

Nice Warren (The Soundgarden) – “A great EP!”
Anthony Pappa (Red Light District) – “Cool EP. I love ‘Intentions’. Some nice tracks that will be used.”
Greg Gow (Transmat) – “Love this EP. Nice and moody and deep.”
Craig Steward (DCSTrax) – “Stunning deepness here. Absolutely superb, great work!”
Haris Custovic (Laus Music) – “This is super!”
Jean Jérome (Kut ‘N’ Paste) – “Lovely deep vibes, will play.”
Taigo Onez (Bang Le’ Dex) – “James Kelley comes correct with the righteousness. Great tracks by Ivan Torres.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Breathtaking stuff here. Love it.”
Sharlese (KEXP) – “Nice chill vibe sounds.”
juSt b (Melodic Deep) – “Great collection! I love ‘Intentions’ – such warm, inviting & dreamy vibes with such a fierce remix!”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, Apple Music, And Spotify.

Various Artists - Discordian Dreaming 8 (Harmonious Discord)

The Harmonious Discord label ceremonially introduces each year with a new installment of its Discordian Dreaming series, previewing what the label has in store over the coming months. This eighth edition features an abstract collage of sounds fitting for an evening of mindful expansion and dance floor excursions. Included are label mainstays Dorian, Onium, Tobor Rellik, and Josiah Fontenot plus appearances by new artists Triptique and Joshua Davidson alongside the return of legacy legend Litex. This set will offer a shine of interest to every tech-house collector.

Onium begins the release with dub laden saxophone serenade. Crisp percussion and tense atmospheres collide with dense melodies. Dorian resets with an afro-cuban-inspired percussive techno journey. A beautiful mixture of celebration and energy, “Run Run Run” is a full narrative told in music. Joshua Davidson makes his debut on the label with a pensive, deep tech-house performance. Warm accents roll through this cut and Josh shows that his talent for creating complex moods is polished. Josiah Fontenot follows with a non-typical linear techno composition. With a strong focus on character and warmth this tracky bicep beat continues to deliver. Dallas native Tobor Rellik moves us onto the dance floor with a plucky tech-house tune with automation into filthy territories. Triptique then provides a nightclub-favored alternative with hypnotic sweeps and Moroder-esque bass lines. HD001 artist Litex returns with a heavy and driving track that flows into spacey progressive territory but stays crisp with technique.

Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance Records) – “I really like Joshua Davidson’s “Hue”. Deliciously different.”
Atish (Desert Hearts) – “Some really nice sounds in this package.”
lar3n (Noir Sessions) – “Solid EP with great tracks. It’s difficult to chow the best one, however Hue is the one that stands out for me.”
Dubinski (Opossum Recordings) – “Very nice and versatile package. I especially like the dubby vibe of Onium’s “Held Tight”, but will surely play others in here.”
Michael Sarafini (Gramaphone Records) – “Dorian – Run Run Run is a solid, melodic track.”
Al Mackenzie (Great Outdoors) – “Dorian’s track is ace!”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Impressive showing of variety and creative talent.”
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) – “Very hot release. Every track is quality. Onium – Held Tight is particularly awesome.”
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch) – “Sounding brilliant!”
Jon Fugler (Fluke) – “Tricky to choose a favorite from a compilation of this quality. Loving all the techy tracks, and Inner Malfunction reminds me of a previous life … very cool. Held Tight is my immediate fave.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Juno Download, iTunes, AND Spotify.

Onium - Immix EP (Harmonious Discord)

From the seedy depths of dub-infested marshes comes the sound manipulations of Onium, a tenured producer with a handbag of pseudonyms and secret projects. The man behind the moniker, Stephen Moon, uses this alias to focus heavily on expanding the ‘dub techno’ genre. Always pushing the edge while seemingly staying true to the dub framework, Onium partners his vast knowledge of song creation with a deep understanding of what makes dub techno amazing. Harmonious Discord first featured Onium in the Discordian Dreaming series which resulted in a call to headquarters for more. Delivering on that promise, the label is proud to present Onium’s debut full length, the Immix EP, with remixes by artists forging ahead in sound like Echo Conscious, Bleupulp, and Hemipetra.

The journey begins with a deep breath of relief stretched into a progressive build of elastic dub melodies. Lulling the listener in, “He Breathes" creeps along before busting out later in the tune with heavier techno attributes. "Opslo" follows in a similar unwinding fashion with two key dub themes that dance in-between each other as subtle percussion scurries intriguingly. Echo Conscious — real name Brad Dale — is first up on remix duties with his cowbell-laden groover. Brad elevates the mood to be more relevant on the dance floor, turning the subtle original into an attention grabber with bright bells and a smoothly shifting bass line. From there the release takes a dive into the subversive depths of cerebral techno with contributions from Hemipetra and Bleupulp. Rumbling echoes of dissonance converge as these two selections travel into strange soundscapes. This changes with "Piped,” a melodic tech-house experiment still heavily swamped with dub effects that does a great job of balancing dub techno purism with real world feet fodder. A worthy book-end, “Sharing Light" takes dub chord construction to new levels, paying special attention to revolving melodies. It’s a meditative windstorm ready to drift the listener into the outer reaches of the stratosphere. Thus the journey ends … for now.

Anthony Pappa (Red Light District / Bedrock) - “Cool EP … the best track for me is ‘Opslo.’”
Nick Warren - “Wow, this is fantastic! I love the originals and those are some great remixes.”
Terry Francis (Wiggle / Fabric) - “The Echo Conscious remix is the one for me.”
Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma) - “Cool tunes … I’m liking this.”
Tyler Stadius - “Lovely tracks here. It’s tough to pick a favorite. Perfect headphone and late night grooves.”
Stacey Pullen - “This is cool.”
John Templeton (Great American Techno Festival / Emote Music) - “Very solid release. The originals have a lovely lush dub sound that is very appealing.”
QuestionmarQ (Red FM / Vision Collective) - “Outstanding stuff … I’m loving all the tracks. The Echo Conscious remix put a big smile on my face.”
Satoshi Fumi (Klik Records / Plastic City) - “I love the Hemiptera remix of ‘Opslo’.”
The Zars (Till2012 Records / Progrezo Records) - “Really warm pads and strings.”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings) - “Great EP. The Echo Conscious remix is great from the remix selections, but the originals are the picks for me. ‘Sharing Light’ in particular is superb … really feeling the darkness there.”
Myxzlplix (Subdivisions Global) - “Dreamy and well constructed.”
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records / Omni A.M.) - “So musical and out there. Super good for the Burning Man crowd. Good stuff.”
Demarco Electronic Project (Soul Industries, Argentina) - “Excellent release! Nice sounds and ambiences and a great remix by Bleupulp.”
Danuta Kurkowski (Acid Ted) - “Gorgeous dub techno with impressive remixes! What’s not to like?”

Available now from Beatport.