Usmev feat. Camilla Luna - A Reason To Dance (Bogota Records)

On the latest Bogota Records release, longtime label collaborator Usmev joins forces with vocalist Camilla Luna for an evocative two-tracker that also features an upfront remix by none other than Johnny Fiasco. A conservatory-trained pianist and guitarist, Usmev is no stranger to Bogota having appeared on the imprint’s debut release, ‘Themes’. Uruguayan-Norwegian vocalist Camilla Luna is known as one-half of Luna & Bazis on WahWah45s and vocalist for Trulz & Robin’s releases on Eskimo and Dance Disorder’s “Metallic Italic” (Bpitch Control). With “You’ll Find Your Reason To Dance” Camilla is heard for the first time on Bogota, accompanying the warm, deep house tones found in Usmev’s production. The sound is underground and somewhat cavernous, imagining hazy late nights and dreamy excursions. Camilla’s vocals are layered and effected, simultaneously soulful and enigmatic. The b-side, “Maybe This Is Love”, is a comparatively uptempo affair with a more refined drum track and vocal line in the midst of shimmering chords. Camilla’s vocal performance is especially intoxicating here. As a bonus, Chicago legend Johnny Fiasco is on board with another in his stream of masterfully club-primed remixes (and his second for Bogota Records). “You’ll Find Your Reason To Dance” is given extra momentum, as the bass line is moved the fore and the rhythm track gets a dose of Chi-town floor funk. These three cuts continue Bogota Records’ run of distinctive high-quality singles.

Mr. V (Sole Channel Music) – “Johnny kills it!”
Lee Guthrie (Click Therapy / Wiggle) – “Johnny Fiasco Remix all the way for me here.”
Satoshi Fumi (Outerspace radio show / Klik Records) – “Massive!”
Craig Stewart (Montana & Stewart) – “The original of ‘You’ll Find The Reason’ is very tasty.”
Edground (Grooveland Music) – “I’ll play this for sure.”
Sumsusch (Colour and Pitch) – “Johnny Fiasco remix is lovely.”
Hard Ton (Toy Tronics) – “The original version is the one for me.”
DJ Firefly (Couch Dancing) – “Great release. Very fresh.”
DJ Nova (Nova Planet Radio Show) – “Camilla Luna’s soulful vocals are giving a mutli-dimensional sound to the release, making it far from just a typical underground release.”
Hober Mallow (Mighty Real) – “Solid mixes right through here. I’m liking the B side a lot too … great voice and vibe on this one! Sweet, moody and soulful.”

Available Now From: Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, And Spotify.

Usmev - This Vibe EP (Cymasonic)

The half-Norwegian, half-Spanish label Cymasonic is back with some
 Catalan deepness straight out of Barcelona in This Vibe, a brand new five track EP by
 Usmev. A conservatory-trained pianist and guitarist, Usmev is no stranger to the label having previously released and remixed on multiple singles. 
 The first track, "That Time", is an exploration in rich, thickly layered chords accompanied by a chunky kick and a rhythm that scatters, close to completely breaking away … a definite party starter. "Sunday Morning Blues" features the vocal magic of fabulous Atlanta-based singer Bleu Renee. It's playful in its claps and other percussive elements while deeply hypnotic in its melody and lyrics, which come from a darker, cautionary, and extremely personal place. "Respect the Elders" follows with a pep to its step and a bass with plenty of bounce to match. Chord stabs rise in classic style while deeper, more sustained notes sneak their way into the listener's headspace. The EP's title track comes in two versions: the original "This Vibe" -- which starts out as a house track but evolves into a more electro-disco affair half way through -- and a slowed down Vocal Edit that is sure to make serious waves this upcoming summer.

Tim Paris (Marketing Music / My Favorite Robot) - "A very nice release indeed. I'm really into 'That Time' and 'Respect the Elders'."
Terry Francis - "The vocal version of the title track is the one for me."
Mark Farina - "Good stuff!"
Saulty (Downtown Party Network) - "'This Vibe' will be played a lot."
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit) - "One of my favorite artists out there. As usual, pure groove and deepness with power and emotion."
Linas Fresh Tee (Dubinsky / Drumpoet Community) - "Nice and classy deep house here."
Nick Holder - "Fire!"
Mould (Con+ainer / Tiefblau Records) - "'That Time' and 'This Vibe (Vocal Edit)' are my faves."
Diz (Iz & Diz / Vizual) - "Sexy all around."
Alkalino - "This is proper deep house music. Instant love for these tracks."
Massimiliano Pagliara (Live At Robert Johnson) - "'This Vibe' is the one for me."
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite / Dialtone Records) - "Lovely, soothing summer sounds."
Hippie Torrales - "Nice, deep grooves."
Rafael Moraes (Nomumbah / Yoruba) - "Sounding good!"
Distant People (Foliage / Seamless) - "Quality … great sounds and pure deepness all over this EP."
Daz-I-Kue (Future Soul Records) - "Some nice grooves going on here."
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - "'That Time' is a kind of silent thunder. Tech edges with soft percussion and a nice build."
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep) - "Good overall sound on this EP … simple and effective."
Kiyo To (Kanzen Records) - "I'm left speechless! This is by far the best deep house release I've had the pleasure to listen to this year."

Available now from Beatport, Juno Download, and iTunes.

Trulz & Robin - Dance Music Therapy Volume 3 (Cymasonic Recordings)

The latest release on Cymasonic Recordings is the third in their Dance Music Therapy series with Trulz & Robin, longtime contributors to the Oslo techno scene with a healthy discography to show for it. Each volume in the series has come with remixes and the newest installment sees Usmev take on this role. It all starts out with the beautiful, soul searching ambient track most properly titled "Adventure". Besides its existence as a wonderful listening experience, the piece also works as a DJ tool for the more creative selectors out there. In Usmev's homage to the original, he respectfully layers on lush sonic accoutrements and makes it a more danceable affair with the use of a steady kick, simmering highs, and an onward-marching bass line, even while slowing the pace down. Pulling away from an otherwise calm start, the boys turn the tempo up with a jiggy techno track in "Øyestikker'n". Meant for those more neurotic dance floor moments, it's still wrapped up in a waywardly deep atmosphere. The final track, "Blue Grass, Green Sky", is a mind blowing techno journey destined to take listeners out of their world in favor of the far flung cosmos, all the while occupying a place on the dance floor. It will leave anyone suspicious with doubts fully conscious of the meaning of the words: Dance Music Therapy.

Laurent Garnier - "Great EP … I will hammer 'Øyestikker'n' everywhere."
Brendon Moeller (Cielo / Bergain) - "Ace originals … well done!"
Nick Warren - "Wonderful EP … full support."
Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance) - "Cool EP … the one working most for me is 'Øyestikker'n'."
Hollis P Monroe - "Both versions of 'Adventure' are top notch."
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - "Stunning. So refreshing and lovely."
Fabrice Lig (Motech / Fine Art) - "I'm always looking for tracks like 'Øyestikker'n' … I'll play it for sure."
Rune Lindbæk (Drum Island / Luna Flicks) - "Love it!"
Danny Ashenden (C90s / Earl Grey) - "Very nice. Usmev has done a great job on remixing the original, and 'Øyestikker'n' is great techno piece."
Flash Atkins (Paper Recordings) - "I really like 'Adventure' for those balearic moments."
Rocco (Rodamaal / Real Tone) - "Really nice deep house remix from Usmev."
Saulty (Downtown Party Network) - "I'm liking the Usmev remix of 'Adventure'."
Tyler Stadius (Deepsite / Dialtone) - "Lovely, atmospheric, spacey tracks."
Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ) - "I love the sound of the hang drum on 'Adventure'. Great release."
Pablo Bolivar (AvantRoots / Seven Villas) - "Big release … I love it."
Anthony Mansfield (Hector Works) - "Nice deep heady tunes. Will play for those spaced out moments we all need and love."
Simon Kirk (Stag Beetle Radio Show) - "This is special … extraordinary future music."

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.

Usmev - Deepermeister EP (Cymasonic Recordings)

Cymasonic Recordings resurfaces to proudly present the Deepermeister EP by Barcelona's Usmev. The Spanish producer embarks on a deep sea safari of mediterranean beats drenched in warm blankets of sonically delightful intricacies, exactly the kind of sounds that make for early DJ set staples. Starting out with "Aerotronic", Usmev exposes pinging frequencies that serve as the siren call of machines, not yet discovered by man -- until now. The second track, "Dive In You", is a moody mixing tool with vibrant keys and smooth synths combining for a jazzy flavor. The title track, "Deepermeister", follows with more rich melodic movement, but this time with a massive percussive groove, an unrelenting rumble in the low end, and effortlessly cool vocal bits. Rounding off the release, "Silver Dream" delivers a heightened sense of urgency and danger, extending depths into the darker crevices of sound in search of auditory treasure and bubbling with excitement.

Nick Holder- “This is dope!”
Giom - “Liking ‘Deepermeister’ for sure.”
Nick Warren (Hope Recordings) - "‘Deepermeister’ is a gem."
Daniel Bortz (Suol / Pastamusik) - “Nice EP.”
Hollis P. Monroe (Renaissance Infinity) - “Nothing but deep, raw goodness here ... full support on all of these.”
Chris Fortier (Fade) - "Nice deepness."
Diz Washington (Iz & Diz / Vizual Recordings) - “‘Aerotronic’ is deep indeed!”
John Selway (CSM) - "Very nice!"
Distant People (SSRadio / Foliage) - “Dripping with class and deep … into this mix. ‘Silver Dream’ is also hot, reminds me of being chased in a space horror film and I like it!”
Rafael Moraes (Nomumbah / Yoruba) - “Nice EP … ‘Dive In You’ is my favorite.”
Tom Lown (Savoir Faire / Lost My Dog) - “Very deep stuff! I like this a lot … especially ‘Deepermeister’.”
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit) - "Serious deepness from the 'meister". Four great tracks here."
Sumsuch (Colour and Pitch / Mega Jawns) - “Lovely, loopy, lounging luscious lumps of musical joy (sorry I ran out of 'L' words).”
Al Bradley (3am Recordings / Fabric) - “Outstanding EP. Feeling the opening and closing cuts ‘Aerotronic’ and ‘Silver Dream,’ the latter is particularly glorious.”
Pete Williams (Natural Rhythm) - "Deep and techy … ‘Dive In You’ is my favorite.”
Eric Davenport (Guesthouse) - “Great for Sunday night lounge parties ... for an educated crowd.”
Adam Warped (Whiskey Pickle Records / Strange Days) - “Deep, intelligent, and groovy!”

Available now from Beatport and Juno Download.