audioJazz - Momentum (audioJazz Music)

Sultry, deep vocals and jazz-influenced electronics mix to create the distinct and original sounds of audioJazz. DJ Bai-ee and musicians and K Koltz collaborate to create imaginative music, inspired by the dance music scenes of NYC and Chicago. The trio has ties to New York and Oakland but came together in Chicago, bringing each of their distinctive influences to the group. The result is a diverse selection of house music sounds with an inclusive attitude, often featuring vocalists and musicians from across the country.

audioJazz is pleased to present their first vinyl release on their self-titled audioJazz Music label. Representing the diversity of their collective this release touches on both deep house and broken beat influences. “Momentum" features mysterious-sounding pads with a heavy side stick rhythm, gently carrying the listener into a subtle piano hook and trumpet solo. It’s tailor made for the more discerning 120 BPM dance floors. "Take a Chance (Remix)" features a more traditional four-on-the-floor 808 kick as a hypnotic chord line filters in and out of the mix. Strange sounding vocal drops echo throughout as an understated acid bass line pushes to take over. The sound is deeply rooted in house music’s past but feels like something soon to come … "future old school" if you will. Undeniably, these are two engaging cuts from audioJazz sure to have selective DJs take notice.

Ashley Beedle - “‘Momentum’ is the killer for me. Proper basement music. Big support!”
Alton Miller - “I really like this. It’s nice and it grooves. I am definitely rocking this.”
Abicah Soul - “5 out of 5 stars … groovy tunes.”
Brendon Moeller - “Soulful jazzy bizniz!”
Luke Solomon - “Killer. Loving this loads.”
Soul Minority - “Wicked EP. Quality, unusual, and elegant deep house.”
Master Kev - “Great piece of music here … I love it!”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “VERY GOOD release. ‘Take A Chance’ remix is awesome.”
Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - “Both tunes are nice, off-kilter dance done the right way.”
6th Borough Project - “Yep, this is right up my street…..deep!”
Jochen Ditschler (Groove Magazine) - “Deep house for connaisseurs and that trumpet really makes the difference!”
Will SumSuch - “Lovely broken rhythms and jazzy licks - what’s not to love? Excellent stuff.”

Also supported by Danny Tenaglia, Marques Wyatt, Luciano, Phil Weeks, DJ T, Daz-I-Kue, Hippie Torrales, Benji Candelario, Makossa + Megablast, Johnwaynes, Nick Holder, Justin Harris, Claire Ripley, and Gene Hunt.

Available now on vinyl from Gramaphone Records and Crosstalk.