Tal M. Klein - Slow Down EP (Aniligital Music)

Aniligital Music presents Slow Down, a slo-mo slammer of an EP featuring a Tal M. Klein collaboration with Anthony Mansfield (Hector Works) and another with Irregular Disco Workers (Cloned In The Vatican).

First up is “Ciao Bella (Lento Sul Lido).” Here Irregular Disco Workers and TMK dial up a real beauty of a beach track influenced by those late night watchings of Emmanuelle movies with the acid lines of last night’s rave still ringing in the ears.

Next, “Polk Street Stumblin’ (Hey You)" is a pre-AM/TM Anthony and Tal collaboration found in a hidden folder called "gem" in Aniligital’s old studio file cabinet. This "Disco Villain"-era slow disco/jazz fusion track of sleazy proportions is reminiscent of many nights spent stumbling away from a forlorn bar in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district with creatures of the night shouting "hey you!" at the heels of those who pass them by.

diskJokke - “Brilliant!”
Stevie Kotey (Bear Funk) - “Great work guys. ‘Polk Street Stumblin’ (Hey You)’ is like coming down after being stuck in a K-hole for three days. Perfect!”
Soft Rocks - “Similar in vein to the new Simian Mobile Disco cut … and we like!”
Hardway Bros - “Large!”
Alkalino - “‘Ciao Bella’ is prefect for the summer.”
Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space) - “‘Polk Street Stumblin’ (Hey You)’ is the one for me.”
Dr. Dunks (Still Going / Rub N’ Tug) - “Great!”
Robbie Hardkiss - “Driving back to the city over the bay bridge after a long night. Hazy and clear at the same time. Nice!”
LTJ X-Perience - “Heavy hypnotic funk!”
Stereo 77 - “I’m all over ‘Ciao Bella’! Amazing production and overall vibe.”
Bruce Tantum (Time Out NY) - “Wow, nice stuff, gorgeous and pretty damn funky all at once. Hotness!”
Bootsy (For The Love Radio Show) - “Blissed out acid business.”

Also supported by The Glimmers, Cosmo Vitelli, Johnwaynes, Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band), Severino (Horse Meat Disco), ALTZ, Ant Plate (YSE), Nico De Ceglia, Roual Galloway, and Flash Atkins.

Available now from Juno Download and on orange vinyl from Juno Records.