Disco Vigilantes - RoboTALK EP (Whiskey Pickle)

Whiskey Pickle presents San Diego-based production unit Disco Vigilantes, a platform for DJ Shane B Baker to create original soundtracks as tools to weave in and out of during eclectic house/disco/techno DJ sets. His themes are future fantasies for fashionable late nights that go after hours. The songs in this collection are finely crafted examples of the emerging sounds of the Southern California Underground.

RoboTALK" is inspired by classic science fiction movies, new wave music, and industrial fashions. The song begins with everyday robot chatter bouncing over crunchy house beats and throbbing bass lines. After a series of bizarre conversations the piece progresses to a euphoric blend of classic-style arppegiated synth patterns and dark rhythms.

MiNA" is the theme song for after hours trouble. One can imagine ladies with high boots and thick mascara and boys with low v-neck tees and sweat dripping from their brows meeting on the dance-floor to "MiNA," their bodies swaying to the deep textures. Its filled with crisp techno beats that rise and build as a funky, syncopated bass line powers the drive. Even in the darkest warehouse you can still see the stars.

Autopilot" is a somewhat eerie, personal journey through emotions and space. This mid-tempo groover strips down the busy sounds of a traditional house track and builds from impulse. "Autopilot" was written about an affair that never happened, the melody evoking memories of lost love and solitude. Synth-wistfulness and ghostly textures help the track take a stab at nightclub poignancy.

Also included is the Roborave-a-thon Mix of “RoboTALK” from Zack Highwire. This Austin-based DJ veteran pulls out the stops for a high-charged, frenzied mix that certainly recalls some feverish 3 AM moments at secret warehouse locations. Staccato snare drums and squelchy bass hits permeate this version, pausing for an extended breakdown that highlights the original’s building arppegiated synth motif.

Psychemagik - “Absolute MONSTER! Can’t wait to drop this mighty bomb on the floor!”
Nick Chacona - “Very nice indeed. Super sci-fi disco for getting psyched up for going out after the Prometheus premiere!”
Nick Warren - “Excellent EP … will support!”
Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - “Great sound here. The production is super.”
Tal M. Klein - “Nicely done.”
Irregular Disco Workers - “Deep vibes, cosmic disco, techno … all in one EP.”
Iron Horse - “‘RoboTALK’ is part Case Del Soul, part Natural Rhythm. I approve!”
Snooba (Radio Panik) - “Mutant electro disco and haunted folklore!”
Bruce Tantum (Time Out NY) - “A nice change of pace for Whiskey Pickle, not that they needed one. Some beautiful weirdness here … I’m especially digging the wistful deep-house/weirdo-disco of ‘Autopilot.’”
TJ Norris (reviewer) - “The Disco Vigilantes have taken over with their wacky toy boxes and gaming cray-cray. Though the tracks like ‘Autopilot’ are grounded and centering. ‘MiNA’ has nuggets of fun hooks. But the title track is what this express serves best. A thumping ride.”

Available now from Juno Download and Beatport.